It was 1AM and I thought he was going to try to kill me.

Several years ago, my hubby had to be rushed to the hospital.

All that day prior to finding him nearly passed out in the shower, I told myself to go put  gas in my car.

I was in hurry all day, and just didn’t make time to stop.

Well, after spending hours in the ER, the docs needed to transport him to another hospital that was a good 45 minute drive.

I knew we’d be there for a bit, so I left the hospital to go home and grab a few things and I realized I couldn’t pass another gas station without stopping.

I was so flustered that I locked my keys, purse and phone in my car.

I went inside to get help, but the door was locked.

I looked over and there’s this really old and beat up car with an old long scruffy bearded white man in the driver’s seat. He had a very stern and intense look on his face. He just stared at me without changing his expression.
He got out of the car and started walking really slowly towards me.

I just stood there thinking:  I’m about to die and there’s no one around to help me. It was 1AM and I thought he was gonna try to kill me.

But thank goodness…I was wrong.

He gave me his phone to call for help and that’s what I did.

But as I look back on that moment, I realized something.
I judged this man by his exterior and decided to be afraid…in just seconds this happened.

But this happened so quickly because of conditioning that has happened over time.
We all are subject to conditioning from the music we listen to, the television and movies we watch, the books we read, our parents and peers and so on.
It’s up to us to decide what we do about it.

Sometimes these thoughts and beliefs we’ve been conditioned to know as true, at least for us, are creating more division within us. They’re limiting our growth and our development, which directly impacts the way we’re showing up in the world. It’s directly impacting the work we’re creating with our brands and the difference that we’re striving to make.

Especially when what we believe about a group of people leads us to fear, avoid or reject them.  Leads us to create division between us.

Are you holding beliefs about people that is evoking fear within you?

We all do it. Like I said, we’ve been conditioned over time and it is up to us to decide what to do about it.

So, I want to share with you a complimentary workbook to help you overcome limiting beliefs. Simply sign-up here to receive a free copy and take action by working through the workbook right away. The sooner we remove beliefs that divide us the sooner we can all come together.


Why do you think we hold on to beliefs that divide us?


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