I started my business in November of 2014 with around $600 available to invest in my business.

At the time, I was a stay-at-home mom, home schooling a 3 year old, while nursing a 1 year old. My time was very limited and I often worked in the late-early hours just to fit everything in. I didn’t go to school for business or marketing, and prior to this I was a makeup artist and working in the mental health field. I was incredibly insecure about my ability to reach my goals, but I took what I knew how to do best and focused on that. And by focusing on that I grew my business beyond belief.

So what did I focus on?

Building relationships.

It doesn’t matter how many dollars you invest in your business, how many years you study in your field or how awesome you are at what you do, without relationships none of that matters.

Life is about relationships. And business is too.

I think many underestimate the importance of building relationships as a strategy to gain a strong support system and gain incredible opportunities.

In my short time of being in business, I’ve managed to accomplish so incredible things.

  1. Surpass many of my 5-yr goals
  2. Triple my revenue in a single year
  3. Travel the country speaking on things I’m passionate about: people and relationships
  4. Work with incredibly successful clients to help them have their best year in business, launch sold out programs, launch sold out events, create businesses, attract their ideal clients and so much more.
  5. Publish a book on building relationships: EntrepreFriendships
  6. Speak on podcasts
  7. Get published in magazines
  8. Be published on several blogs

I didn’t accomplish any of these things on my own or with some super fancy ads or secret strategies.

I did all of these things with the help of others.

And I did this by following 5 very simple strategies that I want to encourage you to consider as you work to do the work you’re called to do.

Make it bigger than you

I believe that when you’re working on the things you feel called to do, they must be bigger than you and they must work to benefit more lives than the ones within your four walls. They say “know you why” and that is so true. But your why has to be bigger than you, it can’t only impact you. And you want to know the reason for this?

Because, we have a tendency to talk ourselves into and out of things that may not be in our best interest, but we convince ourselves that they are. And that’s because we get afraid, discouraged and frustrated with our circumstances and sometimes the safest thing to do is to give up. To decide that we gave it our best and that it’s too hard. And I get it, things do get really hard. And sometimes we have to try something new, pivot and come back to it with a new perspective.

But when you’re doing work that you’re called to do, it’s always going to be bigger than you. And that’s so you’ll stay the course. So, you’ll realize that you’re not the only one counting on you. I know that’s where I am in my business, because I believe this is what God has called me to do. To restore hope, to be a safe place for people to be who they are while encouraging them to be their best self and to bring out the best in people, while building community. While bringing love and hope into the lives of others so we can build strong, diverse and Christ-centered relationships and communities.

What do you know you’re called to do?  What keeps you pressing on, even when it feels too hard?

Stay uncomfortable

Running is really not my favorite thing to do. But it’s something about pushing myself in the physical that motivates and encourages me to do the same in other areas of my life, including my business.

Running is uncomfortable, well it’s not as comfortable as sitting on the couch and watching a TV show. But running grows me, stretches me, challenges me and inspires me to go for new things. It’s in the discomfort that I actually grow. The same applies to our businesses. Sometimes we stay in the safe place, the one that’s familiar and known. The one that won’t challenge us too much, especially because running a business is challenging enough.

But no one ever fully reaches their greatness without pushing and going for what seems too hard, too difficult, too impossible.

It’s in those pursuits that we learn more about ourselves and others. It’s in the pursuits that we refine our skills, learn new ones and ditch unproductive habits. What’s something you’re doing in your business that feels safe and comfortable? Is it growing you? Now, what’s something you’ve been dreaming about doing, but it scares the lipstick off of you…I’m talking lip stain kind of lipstick.

What if you created a simple plan and began working towards that?

Invest in building relationships

When I started my business, I didn’t have much money to invest in it, so I chose to invest in people. I chose to invest time and support into people and it’s been the best investment I could have ever made. Sure, I’ve been hurt, disappointed, and rejected, but that all comes with it. But I’ve been loved, supported, encouraged and invited and those things far outweigh any of the negative side effects of investing in people.  I spend time with people in person at events, because nothing replaces the in-person connections. I also spend time connecting with people on line and I take it a step further by having regular one-on-one meetings.

Last year alone, I had over 100 “let’s connect” calls, which basically is a way to get to know people who you otherwise only vaguely know online or through a casual meeting at an event. These calls are not for pitching your services, however, I will say that sometimes these calls have led to me wanting to hire them and them wanting to hire me. But that’s never the intention of the call. The call is to get to know the person and to begin a relationship where you can support one another.

I have these calls every single week and I will tell you that they by far have worked in building my business far greater than anything else I’ve tried.  It’s not just the call that does it. It’s the connections that happen thereafter and the community that is built.

In case you want to know my basic formula to having great “let’s connect” calls, be sure to keep reading as I have something really helpful to share with you below.  I also include in this guide the simple emails I send out to people to set up these calls. I share a lot more in my book EntrepreFriendships.

Remain connected to your source

I love Jesus. There’s no hiding that for me. But let me help you understand what I mean about being connected to your source. Most of us use cell phones of some sort. They have to be recharged daily in order to work as their intended. We plug them up and leave them on the charger to regain the power they need to operate at their optimal level. When we unplug them, they immediately begin to lose power and over time they begin to operate at less than optimal level. The light fades as they lose energy and they eventually shut down. And no matter what we do with them, we know that the only way they’re going to regain power is to connect them to their power source.

I believe we are the same. We often try to walk around with are fading battery life, thinking we can do this life thing all on our own. But what we soon realize is that we’re not created to do life alone. We are created to be connected to our source. And for me that means staying connected to God. What that looks like for you may be very different, but regardless we can’t deny ourselves of the true power that we need in order to thrive in life. And for me, that power comes from God.

I also believe that through this connection we are able to shine and work at our optimal level and we are more equipped to reject anything that stands to interfere with it.

I believe that being connected to the source, also means that we stay connected to one another. That we encourage and support one another and we stay committed to being in community with one another

Commit to it

Have you ever watched a baby learn how to walk? They are unstable and they fall a lot. But they are committed to learning how to do this new and incredibly life altering thing…so they get back up. They fall, get hurt and yet they still keep trying. And thank goodness, they do. The world is so much different when you’re walking around with you head held high, instead of crawling around on all fours. Your perspective is different and you’re able to do and accomplish new things. But to do it, you must first commit to accomplishing the hard, challenging and frustrating new things that everyone around you seems to have a whole lot more confidence in you being able to do than you even realize at the time.  When you commit that means that no matter how challenging, discouraging or disappointing it may get that you’ll keep going. You won’t give up. Sometimes you may have to take a pause or try something new, but when you’re committed you don’t let your fears or set-backs persuade you back into your comfort zone, but you instead keep pressing on.

Have you recently experienced a set-back in your business that has you questioning things?  Let me tell you something, there’s no coincidence that you’re reading this right now. Maybe instead of questioning yourself or if you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, maybe this is an opportunity to try something different.

You may be thinking you’ve tried everything or that you don’t have time to try something new, or maybe you’re excited to try something new.  Well I have something that will not only give you something new, but will help you get re-energized, focused and supported. You ready?

Click here to learn more about the “Let’s Connect” Commitment. This commitment offers you a very short and easy to read guide to making the commitment to building relationships in your business that are strong and supportive. The free “Let’s Connect” guide is to be used when you get on a call with someone new, so you know how to have a more meaningful an effective conversation that yields to building stronger and more supportive relationships.

Plus get a simple meeting sheet to use on every one-on-one call…let’s do this. And there’s a very simple meeting guide for when you have those one-on-one calls, they’re meaningful and effective in building powerful relationships.

You ready to commit?  Let’s do this. 

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