One of the things I hear so many of my fellow married friends say, especially those who have children and are also working to build a business is, “there’s just no time for us to spend to together”. I get it.

There’s simply so much to do in a day. From cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, homework, work and so on. There’s enough hours in the day, but we just have too many things we’re trying to accomplish in a day. But to avoid going down the route of telling you how you should lighten your load, ask for help, scale back on the “yeses”, instead I want to give you some things you can do together, even when you’re too busy.

1. Co-work

This may not work for everyone, but if you can pull this off, then it may be worth it. So, all you need for something like this is a video conferencing tool, such as Skype or Zoom. Basically, you’re virtual co-workers. You hop on video and get to work as usual, while occasionally looking up at one another and exchanging dialogue. You can even set a timer for 45 minute increments and when it goes off, simply chat for about 5 or 10 minutes or so, then get back to work. Maybe do this a couple times a week and see how it helps you spend more time together, even while you’re working.

2. Fold laundry together

If you’re like most people living around here, you wear clothes most of the day, which means you also need to wash those clothes at some point or another. Thus, you’ll likely want to fold that mountain of laundry that always seems to pile up on you. So how about you turn on one of your favorite shows or even a podcast, grab the laundry and fold it together. What could take one of you 1-hour to do, can be accomplished in less time if you tackle it together and make it a time to hang out too.

3. Cook a meal together

In my house, we’re both really great cooks. (humble)  So, sharing in meal preparation is something we find joy in doing, even though it doesn’t happen all the time. But when we do share in the cooking of a meal, it’s something we both enjoy. We’re spending time together while also taking care of a “must-do” everyday responsibility. The family has to eat, so why not make it something we do together and use that time to catch up on what’s going on with our days. We also eat dinner together every night, unless someone’s out of town or at an event. Sharing a meal together, even if it’s only for 15 minutes, is always a great way to connect with your spouse.

4. Family trip for groceries

I’m putting this one here for the brave ones who want to take the kids along with you to the grocery store. I usually prefer to make trips to the store alone, because it’s much faster. The kids do great in the store, I just like getting in and out. But my husband on the other hand, likes to shop as a family. So, why not make it a way to spend time together and make it less of a chore.

5. Saturday brunch in

If you have soccer games and events to get to on Saturdays, enjoying a nice Saturday brunch at home may not be so easy. But in case Saturdays are a little less hectic around your house, or maybe the chaos comes in seasons, then try to make Saturday brunch a new thing in your house. Maybe schedule it for once a month. Simply decide, that you’ll do a fun Saturday brunch spread in which you’ll enlist the whole family in preparing. Or do it an even simpler way and grab some yummy breads and treats at your local pastry shop, buy pre-sliced fruit, grab some granola and yogurt, take it home, lay it out and call it a day. Either way, try to make it something you can look forward to and something you can enjoy with one another.  You gotta eat, might as well make it fun and a way to connect with one another.

6. Schedule a date-night in

I must admit, my hubby and I are pretty regular with the date nights. We try to go at least twice a month, but often we go more than that…but sometimes not. On time, we scheduled our nanny to stay later in the evening on a week night and we had a date-night in. She made sure the kids ate the dinner we had prepared for them, put them to bed while we ate takeout in our bedroom. We sipped on wine and cuddled up to a movie. We didn’t have to spend much money and we were in the comfort of our own home. Sometimes it’s nice to stay-in, but we really do love getting out for our date nights. Either way, make it a point to schedule a date night for you and your spouse.

7.Read a devotional together

I think one of the best ways to build intimacy in your marriage is to read books together. You have an opportunity to bond on ideas and explore one another’s thoughts and perspectives. You can have great conversations and learn new things about one another, which creates for greater connection and intimacy. So, grab a great devotional that you both can enjoy and dive into it together. Maybe you read it separately through the day and come together in the evening, or once a week to discuss it. You’ll want to find out what works for you. This is something my husband and I try to do and it really helps us draw closer to one another.

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8. Hire a chef for the week

Okay, I must admit I haven’t tried this one yet. But as I’m typing, I’m thinking just who I need to call in order to make this happen. I know I mentioned we love to cook, but it doesn’t mean we always want to do it—everyday. So, this idea of hiring a chef for a week could save you lots of time and not cost you as much as you may think. You’d basically hire the chef to prepare a week’s worth of meals and all you’d need to do is come home and heat them according to the directions. You could spend the extra time you’d have from not having to cook or do as many dishes to do a puzzle together, read a book together and/or go for walk around the neighborhood.

9. Workout together

Speaking of going for a walk, working out together is a great way to spend time together doing things you’re already doing through-out your day. If you already workout every week, then why not do it together. For example, I work-out about 4-5 times a week, sometimes 3 and sometimes 7. But we are trying to create a schedule to do some work-outs together. It’s not always easy because I like to get my workout in the morning, and he does his at night. But, what you can do is aim to do a workout together at least once or twice a week. And if you can do more, then that’s great, but something is better than nothing.

10. Go to bed together

This is a pretty solid rule in our house and for good reason.  It’s something so pleasing about ending and beginning your days together. So give yourself a bedtime and go to bed together


The key to most of these suggestions is making it a point to share time together while you’re doing many of your ordinary tasks and responsibilities. Because some things are simply unavoidable and have to get done, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to squeeze in that time together.

What are some things you and your spouse do to squeeze in that time together when you’re schedules are so full?

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