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Something I wish was more acceptable in our culture is to talk about real issues impacting our marriages without the stern judgement and criticism. No two marriages are the same and we should not compare our relationships with another, however we can gain a great deal of knowledge and support from others who are on this same journey. Marriage is not all peaches, pies and ponies…okay, now I’m just hungry and I’m thinking about My lil Pony.

But the point is building a strong marriage takes two + a strong community. And sometimes things get so hard that no one wants to work at it and that’s a scary place to be in. But you don’t have to be there alone. You don’t have to suffer in your marriage in silence, there’s help and real support available. And something as simple as a Marriage Q & A can be the extra boost of encouragement you need to keep working at your marriage.

That means you can expect to see different questions from real couples (without their names) featured on the blog in the “Marriage Q & A”. And  I’ll be sharing my real & honest feedback.  And if you’d like to submit a questions(s), simply visit here.

Here’s a question from a recently married couple

1) As a newlywed, did you have difficulty finding married friends with similar faith based beliefs as you?

This is such a great question, because I love what it addresses at the heart of it.  And that’s the need for community and connection with people who are on similar journeys as us. My answer to this is “yes”. In the beginning of our marriage it was really hard for a few reasons. One, we were really young when we married, so most of the people our age were still single. Two, my husband was in the military and I was in college, so it made it really hard to connect with people who shared similar interest. But what we did was start going to a church in our area (we moved across country when we married) and there we met a really great couple that we’re still friends with to this day. I think finding other married couples to connect with can be hard, which is why we’re building a community here for married couples to connect. Another thing you can do for now is consider checking out your local church and see if you can volunteer in some capacity…there you may find great friends and wonderful couples to build relationships.


What about you, did you find it hard or do you find it challenging to find other married couples to hang out with?  Where do you go to find new friends?

Have a question you want to submit for some real and honest feedback (remember your name won’t be included)? Simply submit here.

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