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The other day, I was cleaning out my closet and I brought out a box of pretend money that I had stashed in there to keep the kids from messing with. The toy, box of pretend money, was purchased as a gift before they were old enough to play with it. And since the hubby and I have decided to create a cash-reward system in our home, I found the toy to be useful. As I carried it out of my room, my son walked by and wanted to play with the money. I declined his request and he tried to reason with me by saying, “he needed to see what it looks like because one day he’s going to need to make his own money.”

I replied, “Nice try, but I know you’ve seen real money, touched real money and I know you’ve gotten into this toy before because I’ve seen missing pieces around the house. Nice try.”

His initial statement stuck with me. He didn’t realize what he was saying, but he revealed something that is so important when it comes to earning more money in your business.

You need to see yourself doing it. The power of visualization is incredible and if you can see yourself earning more money in your business then you’re one step closer to earning more of it because you’re shifting your perspective on money.

The way we think about money has everything to do with the actions we take with money. And while your thoughts alone won’t earn you the money you desire, your thoughts alone can certainly hinder your efforts in earning the money you desire. Thoughts are innately powerless until you give them power, and often we give our negative thoughts too much power. Essentially, this means we’re allowing negative thoughts to shape our emotions and motivate our behaviors. And the results are usually less than favorable. So, to address the negative, faulty and limiting beliefs around money, it makes sense to address the thoughts first because that’s the root of the issue.

That’s why I want to share with you three common and dangerously toxic negative thoughts that are hindering your money-making efforts.

1.People Who Want More Money Are Selfish

When I first started my business, I had all sorts of icky feelings around money. I didn’t even realize I had them until working with a coach. Working with a coach brought them to the surface. I realized that I had learned through conditioning that people who make a lot of money (think, top 1%) are selfish, greedy, mean and think they are better than everyone. I thought that money corrupted people.

If you look at money as something that makes people mean, ugly or selfish, then, of course, you’ll repel money. When I realized I had these beliefs I immediately felt embarrassed and ashamed. But that didn’t last long because I realized dwelling in embarrassment and shame would only stall my progress in shifting my perspective on money.

But I was even more motivated to shift this destructive belief that was working against me as I am actively working to build my business and make it more profitable.   

I was motivated to change my thoughts around money, not only because I want to earn more of it, but also because it’s not healthy to label and stereotype people. It’s divisive and destructive to community building and stands against everything that matters most to me. So, when you explore your money mindset and uncover faulty beliefs, try not to judge yourself, but instead, be motivated by how changing your perspective can help you be more aligned with who you are and what matters most to you.

2. Talking About Earning More Money Means I’m Money Hungry and Only in it for the Money

Read a few comments of megachurch leaders and you’ll quickly learn how judgmental people can be about people earning a lot of money. I had my judgments too, and I’m sure you do too. One of the judgments we place on ourselves when talking about and planning ways to earn more money is that it must mean we’re money hungry and only in it for the money. What does that even mean? Let’s be honest, real honest. To be money hungry isn’t inherently a bad thing especially when we understand that money is a tool and to have more of it means we can do more in our lives and in the lives of others. So, to have a thirst to earn money, to be hungry for it, doesn’t mean you’re the money monster or that you’re corrupt and have a love affair with money. What if we shifted our perspective on being money hungry to being someone hungry for freedom, options, access and ability to do the work we’re called to do in this world? What if what we see instead is hunger for change, hunger for better communities, and hunger for improved lives.  Money is a tool that can give you all of that, so of course, you should be hungry for it. What money can not give you are the rewards, the love, the fulfillment, the joy and the peace that only comes from being in a healthy relationship with God, self, and others. Relationships are priceless and can not be bought. They give so much value to our lives that can never be fabricated and they are truly what life is all about…everything else can pretty much be purchased.

So maybe your goal could be to have great relationships and lots of money! #Winning!

Also, let’s be honest about why we’re in business – to make money. It’s that simple. You and I know that it’d be a lie to believe that we’re in business to lose money, or to make less of it. Of course, your business is an extension of your purpose. Your business serves a bigger meaning far beyond you. And of course, you love what you do and would do it even if you didn’t get paid.

But could you do it if you didn’t get paid?  
Could you provide the quality of service to your clients if you weren’t compensated?  
Would you be able to afford the tools and the team to provide your clients with the premium service you provide?
Probably not because money pays for those things. And if you’re not making the money in your business to pay for it, then you have to get that money from somewhere else (legally, of course). Either way, you need the tool that money is in order to operate your business.

3. Charge what you’re worth

I hear and see this quote more than my heart can take.

Friend, it doesn’t matter if you sell a service or product, you’ll never be able to charge what you’re worth because you’re priceless. The value embedded in you far outweighs what any metric system can measure. You are not your brand. Your business does not define you.

Your success and your failures do not measure your worth. Your brand is an expression of your gifts and talents. It’s an opportunity to express your purpose in a tangible and measurable way.

You define your business; your business doesn’t define you.

And you determine your prices based on what they are worth (there’s a formula to this).

And so, when people reject your offers, they aren’t rejecting you. They are rejecting it…the offer. Charge what your services and products are worth because you, my friend, are priceless.

So save your heart the stress and focus on what your services and products are valued and charge those prices.

In the comments, tell me a belief you have about money that you believe may be holding you back from earning more of it.

And if you’d like to work on your mindset around money, then I want to invite you to grab this free workbook on money mindset & join us for the free Money Mindset Masterclass. Simply join the SWEET Brands Community to find out more.



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