Sometimes we underestimate the amount of mistakes, setbacks and obstacles we will endure as we work hard to build our businesses. And many of the leaders you love have made their fair share of mistakes, especially when it comes to money. Many of them have either lost money, wasted money and/or held on to it when they should have released it. But the story didn’t end with the mistake. They instead have learned valuable lessons and turned those setbacks into opportunities for growth. And I’m sharing some of their stories with you here. Take a look at some of the money mistakes profitable business owners have made and how they overcame.

“The biggest mistake I made with money was not knowing how to properly manage it. To me income, revenue, and profit was all the same. I assumed it was okay to spend 100% of what I made. I didn’t realize that actually understanding and measuring my money could help me make more of it.”

-Maya Elious,



“Early on in my business, I was very hesitant to invest in things like trainings, education, or even hiring someone to do a project for me I thought I could do myself. But I learned that sometimes, investing money wisely in areas that can make me a better business owner OR freeing my time up to do something that I am better suited doing, was actually way better for me and my business in the long run.” 

-Molly Stillman, Still Being Molly


Wow, what a wealth of knowledge. We can learn so much from listening to what other people have experienced. Tell me, which “lesson learned” can you relate to the most? And be sure to grab a copy of the free Money Mindset Workbook.



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