With the summer upon us, I’m sure by now you’ve seen every bikini body workout out there.
When I see them or those similar I cringe. Not because I don’t like a good workout plan, in fact I love working out. I get it in in the gym 5 days a week and I’m lifting heavy these days so I’m getting stronger and stronger.

But it’s not the workout that gives me the hebe gee bees. It’s the underlining message that we as women often internalize when we see things like this.
What exactly are these bikini body fitness plans telling us? What about your body needs to change in order to wear a bikini and feel good in it?

I am all for healthy living and doing your best to maintain a strong and healthy body. We get one body, so why not take care of it a best we can. But what exactly is a bikini body and why do I need one? Do I have to have a bikini body to wear a bikini? With this diet plans that market having a bikini body as a weight loss incentive are sending us the wrong message. The underlying message is that to wear a bikini and to look and feel good in it one must have a body that’s deemed culturally appropriate and attractive in a bikini…aka a body with a flat tummy, firm legs, a nice butt and so on. A body that most of us see glorified above any other shape or figure. And while women who look like this should wear what they please, but so should women who don’t look like this. I don’t think we need to body shame any woman for having the body she’s in and we certainly shouldn’t tell her that she needs a bikini body in order to look and feel good in one.

As women, we are bombarded with demands and images of what we are supposed to look like, who we are supposed to be, how we are supposed to behave and what we are supposed to do with our lives.

And because this hits us from every direction it’s nearly impossible to not be affected by all of this. Because while I don’t think it’s necessary to change your body in order to see your beauty. And that you can wear a bikini in whatever body you have, if you want to. I also believe it’s important to value and care for yourself. That means to be committed to total fitness that goes far beyond what you can see in mirror and what a scale can measure.

Total fitness is about taking care of yourself holistically. It’s not just about your body or your diet, it’s about much more. And when you commit to total fitness you’re sending yourself a message that combats the idea that we have to perform for love and acceptance and that we have to measure up to the word’s standards of beauty. Because as I see total fitness, it’s about knowing who you are in Christ and committing to growing in your relationship with God through you mind, body and spirit. It’s about seeing the value woven deep within you.
This total fitness is about you seeing and embracing the value that’s within you and within others.

Because when we take care of ourselves it’s sending our mind and our heart a message that we value ourselves.
Would you like to escape the never-ending cycle of feeling like you’re not enough?
Are you ready to stop “trying to lose weight”, but instead embrace a lifestyle that promotes healthy living?
Are you ready to stop feeling isolated or alone in your journey of being your best self?
Are you ready to go deeper in your relationship with God by growing in your mind, body and spirit?

If you answered “yes” to this, then you want to join the 6-week fitness challenge.
I created this to help you focus on fitness in a totally different way. A way that honors your mind, body and spirit and I want to invite you to be a part of it.

It’s free and you can sign-up here.

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