You know there's more. You have big goals, but lately, you've been feeling stuck. You're looking at your business and you know somethings need to change, but you're not sure what or how.  

That's where I come in. I work with business owners, just like you, to support you in growing and expanding a purposeful and profitable business.  We use my proven business growth system, S.W.E.E.T Brands to build and expand your business.

What's S.W.E.E.T Brands...

The word S.W.E.E.T is an acronym I created to originally describe your client experience. To keep the acronym going I decided to use it to focus on the proven steps it takes to grow a profitable and purposeful business. Over the last 3 years,  I've used this proven framework with my clients to support them in growing their businesses. The system can be used for your overall business(as outlined below) or for a segment of your business, such as public speaking (like in the S.W.E.E.T Intensive)

S.W.E.E.T Brands for your business:

Story: What's your story? What's your brand's story? What's your client's story and how do we bring it all together into a brand story that makes sense and stays true to your values, while aligning and connecting with your core audience?

Wealth: This is where we get clear on how you're growing your brand and building your business to expand and to be sustainable.

Experience: This is where we get clear on your detailed client experience and how you're serving your clients best. If you want to make sure your clients come back or refer you, then you need an experience that makes them want to do so.

Exceptional: This is where we focus on building exceptional marketing strategies and relationships to grow your brand. We focus on your overall strategy for growth and then narrow in on your specific relationship marketing strategy, so you know who you should be connecting with and how.

Team: Because to grow your business means to grow a strong and supportive team.This is where we get clear on how to grow and nurture your team (whether you're just hiring or have an established team)

I created this community to offer you the support and guidance in building a profitable and purposeful business while maintaining healthy relationships.

So, let's lock arms and work together.


"Our experience was great! We are very happy with the growth we had personally and in our business :)I personally appreciated how insightful Monique was. For having never met in person, it was quite remarkable how deep things went and how much understanding we gained, via phone calls only. Honestly, we came out of our program feeling great. We chose Monique, because she (#1) gave us a chance and spoke with us openly without judgment and (#2) during that first discovery call, it was very quickly apparent that Monique was exactly who we needed. She was wonderful to talk to and we had no second thoughts and knew immediately after hanging up that she was who we wanted to work with. We really appreciate your time Monique. Thank you for all your guidance! " --Jessica Wagner, Pember



During the business coaching process, we use S.W.E.E.T Brands system your business. The steps are as follows:

STORY: Brand Story Development: 

We focus here on refining a solid brand story that stands out and clearly communicates a message that will excite and motivate clients to choose you over anyone else. We explore the specifics of your brand from the mission & vision, target audience, services & products, key messages and much more. This way you and your team best know how to represent your brand.

The takeaway: At the end of this service, you'll have detailed Brand Story Guide that like in the words of one of past clients, "is the most important document in my business".
You and your team may use this often to make decisions and grow your brand. This service typically takes 6 weeks.

WEALTH: The Growth Strategy  This is where we get clear on how you're growing your brand and building your business to expand and to be sustainable. We map out your growth strategy to outline your stages for growing and expanding your business.

The takeaway: You're clear and focused on the stages to grow and expand your business to ultimately reach your vision. This service is typically combined with the brand story.

EXPERIENCE: Client Experience Strategy: 

This is where we get clear, detailed and specific about each stage of your client experience. We explore best practices for making your client experience SWEET (simple, worth it, effective, enjoyable and thoughtful). We also explore your systems during this stage.

Take away: At the end of this service, you'll receive a detailed guide that outlines the step by step process of your client experience that can be easily transported into a client management software, like Dubsado, to further streamline your processes. You and your team can refer to this guide to continually provide excellent service to your clients. This service typically takes 6 weeks.

EXCEPTIONAL: Relationship Marketing Strategy:

The focus here is getting SWEET (simple, worth it, effective, enjoyable and thoughtful) with your relationship marketing strategy. This is where we get specific about who you should be building relationships with and how.

Take away: At the end of this service, you'll receive a Relationships Marketing Strategy Guide that includes your overall strategy and a comprehensive list of industry leaders/peers that you should be connecting with.  This service typically takes 6-9 weeks.

TEAM: Team Development Strategy:

Here we focus on the stages of building and nurturing your team. We get clear and specific about the roles and responsibilities of each team member (current & future), determine the areas you'd like to grow your team and create a strategy for growth.

Take away: At the end of this service, you receive a Team Development Guide that documents the team building nurturing process, team member roles, and responsibilities, a template for team meetings, and the team culture descriptive. This service typically takes 6-9 weeks.




During this experience you can expect the following:

  • This experience begins with an in-depth workbook (you'll do more than one workbook during this service) for you to complete to collect information and begin assessing where you are & how you're striving to grow
  • HIGHLY FOCUSED private coaching & strategy sessions with Monique Melton.
  • As applicable, assignments may be delivered to you following the coaching sessions.  The assignments will be reviewed prior to the following session to provide you with more clarity and direction.
  • As applicable you may receive the following deliverables (Brand story guide, Client Experience Guide, Marketing Strategy Guide, Team Development Guide to use to implement and maintain the strategies)
  • Email access to Monique Melton for questions & feedback during the duration of the coaching experience.
  • Accountability in doing the work.
  • Support in implementing is available. Inquire for details (this is a custom service)



This service begins with a monthly investment of $900 per month with a minimum 4-month commitment.

*Individual adjustments may be made to fit your unique needs


Ready to connect and work on growing and expanding a profitable and purposeful business? Let's schedule a time to chat today.

(I only work with a limited number of clients at a time and only during certain times of the year.)