We are created for community, we were never meant to do life alone.

You have work you're called to do, and you need a community to support you in doing it.

About Esther 4:14 Community 

What is it

The Esther 4:14 Community is for women who know they are called for such a time as this to do the work God is calling them to do.

This group is for women who are committed to personal growth and building strong relationships, especially marriages.

So, if you want to be supported and to support others in living a most fulfilling life, then this is the place for you.

What we do

We provide encouragement and support in doing the work you're called to do. From daily prompts to live video training, we're committed to seeing you grow.

The education

The topics of discussion

We believe life is about relationships. The relationship you have with God, yourself, & others.  And it is our belief that if these relationships are more aligned with the word of God, then you can live a more fulfilling and abundant life. And that you can be more effective in doing the work you're called to do. Therefore, we focus on three core ares.

Embracing authenticity (because discovering and gaining confidence in embracing who you are, what you want and the purpose for your life is key to living an abundant and fulfilling life)

Building healthy relationships (because life is about relationships; we are made for connection. Thus we focus on relationships, with God, self and others--especially your marriage.

Doing the work you're called to do We talk about vision & strategy for growing in your calling.

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What we believe

In the Esther 4:14 Community we believe

The work of building relationships is centered in Christ.

If you want to make a difference in the world around you and, then that difference starts from within.

A commitment to personal growth & development is critical to do the work you're called to do!

Building healthy, diverse and Christ-centered relationships, is about embracing diversity, building real community and building relationships; the relationship you have with God,  yourself and others.

Serve and lead well.

Doing the work you're called to do while maintaining healthy relationships is an intentional commitment.


What can you expect when you join the Esther 4:14 Community 

Online Community

Daily conversation

(The online community is hosted in the Esther 4:14 Community Facebook Group.)

Live video training

Be inspired to take action with live video training that give specific actions you can take in doing the work you're called to do while maintaining healthy relationships.


Online group studies, so you can spend time connecting, learning and building relationships with fellow members.

In person events, so you can speak time in person connecting, learning and building relationships with new and familiar faces of the Esther 4:14 Community.

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