When it comes to growing your business, one thing is for sure, you’ve gotta be strategic!

Since November 2014, I’ve been working with brands to help them to be more profitable and I’ve done by creating tools and resources for them to use during our coaching process. As of the spring of 2018, I decided to shift gears and focus primarily on working with my clients in the relationship sector (helping you to build happy and healthy marriages) but didn’t want to leave these valuable resources on my computer never to be used again. These resources have helped my clients grow and scale their businesses and reach record sales, so I want to share them with you.

These same tools and resources are now available to you.

Thus, the SWEET Brands Collective is a collection of resources that includes several hand-picked comprehensive guides and tools to help you be more strategic and successful in growing your business.

The resources are from my SWEET Brands System, plus a couple bonuses.

So what’s the S.W.E.E.T Brands System

The word S.W.E.E.T is acronym I created to originally describe your client experience. To keep the acronym going I decided to use it to focus on the proven steps it takes to grow a profitable and purposeful business. Over the last 3.5 years,  I’ve used this proven framework with my clients to support them in growing their businesses.

S.W.E.E.T Brands for your business:

Story: What’s your story? What’s your brand’s story? What’s your client’s story and how do we bring it all together into a brand story that makes sense and stays true to your values, while aligning and connecting with your core audience.

Wealth: This is where we get clear on how you’re growing your brand and building your business to expand and to be sustainable.

Experience: This is where we get clear on your detailed client experience and how you’re serving your clients best. If you want to make sure your clients come back or refer you, then you need an experience that makes them want to do so.

Exceptional: This where we focus on building exceptional marketing strategies and relationships to grow your brand. We focus on your overall strategy for growth and then narrow in on your specific relationship marketing strategy, so you know who you should be connecting with and how.

Team: Because to grow your business means to grow a strong and supportive team. This is where we get clear on how to grow and nurture your team (whether you’re just hiring or have an established team)

What to expect in the SWEET Brands Collective

  • 9 Comprehensive guides and resources – The resources are made available to implement the strategies and take action right away, so you can see the growth in your business. (a total of 10 downloads)
    • Brand story guide: Use this complete guide to document and detail your brand’s story, from your mission, vision, value proposition, to core values and brand personality, and more.  This is a great guide to use internally with your team and a great resource for staying connected and consistent with the brand’s marketing and growth strategies. Every great brand starts with a great and solid foundation. Use this guide to create yours. Includes a cheat sheet for filling it out.
    • Know your audience guide: Target audience research guide and profile: A clearly defined target audience is imperative to creating clear and effective messaging and marketing strategies. This guide documents how to conduct primary and secondary research includes sources and examples of how to conduct research and includes a target audience profile template to bring it all together.
    • Casting the vision. A growth strategy guide: A fill-able PDF guide to show you how to go from vision (what you want to do) to action (steps to take to accomplish it). This 12-page guide shows you how to set goals and break them into action steps.
    • Bright marketing, marketing plan guide:  A simple and easy to follow guide to understanding how to create a marketing plan for your business. Includes a template to help you bring it all together.
    • Comprehensive strategic planning calendar (excel file): Organize your growth strategy, marketing strategy and content strategy month-by-month to help you be more detailed and organized. This comprehensive calendar has tabs for you to include specific details for multiple platforms. Includes a simple guide to completing the content calendar. The Casting the Vision guide is helpful and recommended for completing the marketing calendar.
    • Guide to creating a SWEET client experience: Simple and easy to follow guide to create a highly effective and dynamic client experience…aka S.W.E.E.T. This purchase comes with a 22-page fillable PDF guide and a fillable spreadsheet. A spreadsheet is included as a separate Excel document.
    • Bright Team, Guide to Team Development Guide:  When you’re building your team it can be a bit overwhelming. This comprehensive resource helps you organize what it takes to build and manage your brand in order to identify what type of help you need. This guide helps you learn more about the building and nurturing a team. Includes tips and strategies and the stages of building a team. Also includes a spreadsheet to organize it all.
    • “About Me” Guide People want to feel a connection to you and a well-written “About me” story is a great place to start. This guide documents the step-by-step process of writing the story and provides details on how to bring it all together
    •  (BONUS) Common Marketing systems cheat sheet (a step-by-step list for implementing commonly used marketing strategies, such as blogging, email marketing, social media, etc. These can easily be used to created Trello boards or workflows in your CRM such as Dubsado. (This is located in the “Comprehensive strategic planning calendar”)

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to have access to comprehensive resources to grow your brand. All of these tools and resources are valued at over 10k (if you combined them with coaching), but you’re not going to pay that. Not even close. 

Grab the Sweet Brands Collective now for only $497.00. (When you purchase you will receive the files as a digital download that is yours to keep. There are a total of 10 files, including Excel spreadsheets.)

For complete terms, conditions and payment policy please visit here. 



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