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It's time for a celebration

Around this time last year, I was gearing up to publish my first book…EntrepreFriendships.

This book has helped hundreds of people to build real and meaningful relationships in business that go far beyond business as usual.

And in honor of my 1-year anniversary, I’m hosting a giveaway. Beginning August 1-15th you can enter to win the

EntrepreFriendships giveaway

(Keep reading for details on how to enter)

What can you win

There will be a total of 4 winners who will be randomly selected to receive one of the randomly selected prizes.

1 month of 1-1 coaching with me to work on your business and/or relationships. Over the past 2 years, I've successfully established a track record of supporting my clients reach their goals, because they are ready and willing to show up and do the work. With hundreds of hours of 1-1 coaching and consulted, I've helped small business owners surpass their goals, grow & scale their businesses, re-brand, launch new businesses, launch new product and events, and more. As of now, I only offer 1-1 coaching for a limited number of people and only during a certain time of year, so this is a great opportunity to get targeted and strategic support to grow in business & in life.  This prize includes 4 weekly coaching sessions. (Valued at $1400)

A digital copy of the "Launch Your Signature Service" Strategy Guide, created by Lauren Black. Lauren Black is an incredible strategist and graphic designer with a passion to support business owners succeed and grow in their businesses. She is committed to helping you to make time for yourself while you also make time to serve your clients well. She is the creator of Bosscation, which is a business retreat in a box. And the co-creator of Elevate and Cultivate, which is a community for graphic designers.

A Productivity Planner gifted by Candice Prather (Valued at $24.95). Candice is a dynamic business coach and small business manager. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and no-hold back approach to help small business owners grow and scale their businesses. She's dedicated to helping small businesses figure out how to sustain a profitable business without sacrificing what matters most to them. Her area of expertise is leveraging your income, team building and systems.

A digital copy of "Understanding your Core Values & Creating your Family Blueprint", by Entrice Rowe (Value at $15). Entrice is an incredibly passionate and fierce life coach & woman of faith that is committed to supporting & coaching women in living out their purpose. She uses biblical truths as her compass as she coaches her clients and encourages them to apply those truths to their everyday lives. I've also had the pleasure of coaching Entrice in the early stages of her business and it's exciting to see her tremendous growth.


You can have amazing Business Relationships

You can learn the strategies, skills and techniques to networking & to building meaningful business relationships.

You can learn how to  gain increased opportunities to grow in business & in life

You can learn how to build relationships that help you grow your business.

You can learn how to REALLY  support others and build community.

              It really can be simple, if you know what to do.  

That's why I wrote EntrepreFriendships

To help you build business relationships that can help you grow in business & in life

You can learn how to build business relationships and better yet even #EntrepreFriendships.



Business relationships and EntrepreFriendships are both important to business growth and development, but they are not the same.

A business relationship tends to be more casual and is not necessarily mutually beneficial. 

An EntrepreFriendships is a lot more intentional and involved, with both parties committed to supporting and being of service to one another in business.

team development

A business relationship can do many of the things that an EntrepreFriendship can do, however an EntrepreFriendship is much more consistent, involved, and intentional.

An EntrepreFriendship can be a key role in growing your business. An EntrepreFriend can be someone that you work with on projects, collaborations, and joint ventures. An EntrepreFriend can also be a really great strategic partner and a wonderful advocate. You two are likely to share referrals and business opportunities to support and help one another grow.

An EntrepreFriend will connect you with their connections and their circle of influences, and you will do the same for them. Over time, as you continue to grow and develop business relationships and new EntrepreFriendships, your network grows. Having a healthy-sized network is one of the often unspoken rules to business growth and development. 

Simply put, an EntrepreFriendship will…

Help you and your business grow, will help you feel accountable, supported, and cared for—all while giving you access to new networks, connections, and platforms to grow your brand and increase your brand awareness in the community.

An EntrepreFriendship is like a business best friend or a really great musical collaboration in that when they come together awesomeness happens. Think about all of the music duos and collaborations we see. Think about the opening acts at concerts that give the new artist a chance to reach an already-established platform and targeted community.

Those opportunities are priceless and really propel a brand forward.

And in this book I'm going to show you step-by-step how to build business relationships and EntrepreFriendships.  Once you know how to do it...it will become like second nature. 

You can do this!


 About the Book

Take the mystery and nerves out of meeting new people & go far beyond small talk with this comprehensive and easy to read guide to building meaningful business relationships. 

And because marketing is all about building relationships and meaningful relationships start and last with a genuine commitment to support & serve others, thus this book is based on that principle:  Support & Serve.  

When you start there and focus on building the relationships, the outcome can be far greater than what you expected. 

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What you will learn: Step-by-step guide to make more meaningful connections, earn greater business opportunities and develop real business relationships.

In EntrepreFriendships, I share a simple, practical and applicable step-by-step process to building business relationships. I include things like where to find networking groups, what to do before, during and after a networking event, how to have a great 1-1 meet & greet/virtual coffee date, questions you can ask to avoid dull and surface conversations, how to get out of a conversation you don’t want to be in without being rude and so, so, so much more. I know if you read this book, you’ll love it.

Building relationships is the most effective and long-lasting strategy for growing your business. And this book will share with you everything you need know to build those relationships and build EntrepreFriendships too.

This book will get you thinking, and if you’re serious it will get you doing things that are unconventional—not because they’re revolutionary, but instead because they go back to the roots and the basics of humanity.

So this book brings it back to the good stuff—the stuff we were made to have in our lives: real relationships.

Will you come along with me as I show you, step by step, how to create and build business relationships and EntrepreFriendships!

What people are saying about the book...
I love hearing how people have highlighted, written notes and used the content in this book to help them grow in business and in life. Check out some of the awesome feedback from readers. 


As an entrepreneur, I understand how important networking and relationship building is. Unfortunately, for introverts like myself it can be one of the hardest parts about running a business. I decided however that if I'm going to learn, I needed to learn from the best! Monique does not hold anything back in this book and has filled it with tons of concrete, actionable steps and examples to make the entire process painless, understandable and way less intimidating! If you are someone who struggles with building a network around your business, this book is for you! - Mariah Althoff, Graphic & Brand Designer

Once in a long while you find a coach who is all substance and no fluff.  It's like kissing a lot of frogs.  And then that coach goes and writes a book and puts her heart and soul and substance into it and you get "EntrepreFriendships: Step-by-Step Guide to Make More Meaningful Connections, Earn Greater Business Opportunities, and Develop Real Business Relationships".  That coach is Monique Melton.  Monique's genuine generosity in sharing her know-how and passion shine through this book, and the instructions are truly step-by-step.  There is logic here and questions that you may not know the answer to - yet.  By reading what Monique shares and by working through the questions you will find this book a treasure to return to again and again as your business grows - because each layer of knowledge builds on the preceding layer and the answers change.   Highly recommended, especially for those of you who find yourself struggling as a microenterprise (i.e., you do it all).  Acknowledgement:  Monique is my marketing coach. – Tammy Vitale, EXIT by the Bay Realty

I love the title, because it definitely highlights the merging of two of the strongest pillars of entrepreneurial work; independent business ownership and building business relationships.The Mindset of "Support & Serve" was a concept that resonated with me.  The idea is like a faux pas in the business world that you touched on and I think it's a great one to reiterate and encourage. Especially as the "getting something out of it" and it has the possibility to create endless streams of revenue and builds your brand and most importantly your reputation.  This book is a great way to show the positive effects of stepping out on faith in the business world.  It highlights the kinder side of business and its positive results.  I would recommend this book because every entrepreneur needs to remember the important points you open the book with; starting a business can be lonely, isolating, and wrecks havoc on your ego.  I also like the fact that this book does not encourage everyone to be an extreme extrovert, but offers insight on how introverts can be successful if they are willing to take the steps. I believe this book is perfect for anyone looking to start a business no matter their age.  This is an excellent resource for those searching for the business basics and need a step-by-step guide. - Delshamira Fransis, His Daughters

 Totally blown away and so, so proud of one of my closet friends, Monique Melton. I was given the pleasure of getting to be one of the first people to read her upcoming book "Entreprefriendships". All I can say is you continue to blow me away with not only being such an amazing friend whenever I need you, but also with the powerful business you are creating!! The book is perfect!!! Thank you for being my sister in Christ, one of my greatest entreprefriends, and one of my closest confidants. Love you girlfriend!!! – Amy Thompson, Lolla Belle Co.

Monique has written an easy-to-understand blueprint to forming real, successful EntrepreFriendships.  With real life examples and a depth of knowledge, this book is perfect for any entrepreneur, small business owner, or freelancer looking to form mutually-beneficial relationships. Definitely get your hands on this book!" – Kathryn Marr, Co-Founder, Blue Ivory Creative


How to enter

This giveaway is simple to enter. Simply complete the form here and that's it. Nothing more or less. No purchase necessary to enter or win and some restrictions may apply. For complete terms and conditions, please visit here.

The deadline to enter is September 15th, 2017 and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.


Let's celebrate

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