Relationship Coaching

Marriage can be messy. You love one another, but your relationship has taken some hits and you're not in your best place. You're growing a part and you feel more like roommates than lovers.

But you don't want this and you know your marriage deserves better.

You’ve gone to your spouse about doing counseling and he/she didn’t want to do marriage counseling

You don’t want to talk to the pastor at church or your friends, because you don’t want them to know you’re struggling in your marriage like this.

You’ve tried to talk about the issues, but you're getting nowhere and you’re tired of talking about it

You’ve come to a point where you honestly don’t feel like praying for the marriage

You even feel like you don’t want God to fix it, because you don't believe you want the marriage

You’ve even started the process of looking into getting a divorce (even scheduled a meeting with an attorney)

But you're not ready to call it quits. You know your marriage is worth fighting for. 

But you don't want to feel like this...

I know that part of you still wants the marriage

You want to honor the commitment you made before God, friends & family

You want to keep your children together and not have to go days or weeks without seeing them because of a separation. 

You want to feel like your spouse “gets you” and knows how to support you emotionally

You want to have more passionate physical intimacy, much like when you first got married and couldn’t keep your hands off of one another.

You want to stop fighting and have healthier and deeper communication with your spouse.

You want a marriage that is strong, healthy and a great model to your family of what love can do.

So, let's lock arms and work together to heal, grow and nurture your marriage

With relationship coaching, I'm inviting you to work with me as I strive to help you build, heal and nurture your marriage.

 "I saw your Periscope broadcast about Mommy Guilt and how not to fall for it. I have been in this "storm" for almost 2 years of depression, guilt, resentment toward my husband, lack of sleep, lack of rest. Your broadcast just confirmed that is OK to take time out for myself.  I tapped that screen until my fingers got numb! You hit the nail on the head. I am no good to ANYONE if I am depleted."  - M.D.

As we work together, we explore the following areas of your marriage, but not limited to:

  • The type of needs you have in your marriage & how to communicate those needs, so you can feel more valued, confident and fulfilled in your marriage
  • Communication strategies for uncomfortable & difficult conversations, so you can maintain open and honest communication and develop true intimacy, trust, and connection in your marriage.
  • Physical intimacy so you can experience deeper physical and emotional connection and pleasure.
  • How to create and reinforce healthy boundaries so you can feel safe, respected and valued in marriage.
  • Past experiences/unhealed places of your heart to begin the healing and mending process so you can remove those walls that are making connection difficult

How we work together:

  • This experience begins with a comprehensive workbook for you to complete to collect information and begin assessing where you are & how you're striving to grow
  •  HIGHLY FOCUSED private coaching sessions with Monique Melton.
  • As applicable, assignments may be delivered to you following the coaching sessions.  The assignments will be reviewed prior to the following session to provide you with more clarity and direction.
  • Email access to Monique Melton for questions & feedback during the duration of the coaching experience.
  • Accountability in doing the work
  • Invitation to attend exclusive events for coaching clients


The investment begins at $500 per month for two 50-minute sessions per month. These sessions are intended to be experienced as couples. 

Interested in a couples session to include my husband and me? Inquire for more details.


**Payment plans available