When I was a little girl I said I wanted to be a part-time beautician and pediatrician. And although I never became either (I was a pro-makeup artist for 10yrs), I realized what has mattered most to me by looking at these professions closer.

A beautician is all about connecting with her client to bring to life a vision that the client has. She works to bring out the best in her client.

A pediatrician often sees children who aren't feeling well and they look to identify the problem, come up with solutions and offer support in implementing so the child can thrive. They also see children who are well and they assess to make sure the child is growing and thriving. They make suggestions if anything comes up and in either situation, they are working to bring the best in them.

From as long as I can remember, bringing out the best in people has been something I've always tried to do in one way or another.

I'm fortunate that I get to work in two lanes, business & marriage. I believe they are both incredibly important and deeply intertwined. I tried to choose to serve in just one lane, but that wouldn't be me being true to myself & the work I'm called to do.

How I can support you in embracing what matters most

As a relationship coach

As a relationship coach, I support you in strengthening and growing in your marriage. We work on 4 key areas in your marriage, communication, intimacy, trust/boundaries and roles & expectations. I believe a strong marriage is possible when these 4 key areas are strong.

I began relationship coaching after being a brand strategist and finding that so many women struggle in businesses and in their marriages, but have very little support in the marriage.  So I decided to provide support in both, by combining my education & experience.

As a Brand strategist/manager

As a brand strategist/manager, I aim to help you to grow & scale by creating strategies in 4 key areas and offering support in implementing those strategies. Those 4 areas are brand identity, client experience, marketing strategy and team development.

My focus is to bring out the best in you and your team so your brand grows and thrives.

The heart of my work is central to building relationships and helping you to do the work you're called to do.


Getting to know me

I am a natural big-bold dreamer and a deeply rooted woman of faith, proud Navy wife and loving mother to two little ones. I have a BA in social science with an emphasis in sociology & psychology and two years of graduate school in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University.

I am the author of EntrepreFriendships, a book that uncovers the step-by-step process of building business relationships.  I have created group workshops, training and masterminds on topics pertaining to personal growth, building relationships, business growth and embracing diversity. I travel the country speaking and teaching and am incredibly passionate about relationships & doing purposeful work.

I believe it's not all about your comfort, but it's about your growth. 

The BIG vision

Love God; love people, and encourage others to do the same.

The Mission:

Support you in embracing what matters most. 

My core values

  1. Have faith in God; spirit lead me
  2. Build real and meaningful relationships
  3. Live authentically (embrace who you, what you want & the purpose for your life)
  4. Communicate openly & honestly; even when it's hard
  5. Support and serve others well
  6. Embrace diversity & build real community
  7. Take care of yourself & smile
  8. Create a vision bigger than you & invite people to help you
  9. Life has seasons, embrace the one you're in
  10. We shine brighter together

We shine brighter together

Give me gold, sequins, stripes, and bows, and you’ll have one happy-sassy soul sister. To know me is to also know I love to shine and sparkle, inside and out. So I love a sparkly shirt or accessory and pretty pumps. I’ve even been told, “You sparkle everywhere you go.” I love to shine bright, so you can shine brighter. I truly believe we shine brighter together!