I believe life is about relationships...with God, self and others.

But relationships sometimes hurt...a lot.

And with all of the tasks, responsibilities and challenges we face day-to-day as we live out our roles of being wives, mothers and business owners...human beings, the overwhelm sets in fast. Soon we become burdened and exhausted by it all and life begins feeling completely chaotic and out of "balance". Soon our day to day lives don't truly reflect what we value. 

Soon relationships feel like more work than their worth, because we've been hurt, rejected and disappointed.  And we simply don't have the time to put in any more energy to make things work. 

Soon we replace the connection and pursuit of relationships with the pseudo connection and pursuit of things.  It's safer that way...so we think.

And then it happens. We feel disconnected, alone, unhappy and stuck. When we deny ourselves of true connection we deny ourselves of the very thing we're created to have...relationships. We need strong relationships with God, self and others, because life is about relationships. 

We need relationships to thrive. We are made to be in community with one another. But there's so much work to do and our culture cries out for us to pursue things over people, and before we know it we're back at putting relationships on the back burner.

But you don't want it to be this way. 

I know you want to be an incredible wife, amazing mother and do amazing work with your God-given gifts & talents.  I know you want to also have deep and meaningful relationships, but you're overwhelmed and stressed with trying to keep up with it all. 

You're tired of feeling like you can't seem to get a grasp on harmonizing the chaos of life. You're tired of feeling like you're running in circles and missing out the relationships that mean the most to you.  And you're tired of feeling afraid and anxious to connect in the relationships you have because you've been hurt and disappointed. I know you're tired of feeling like your day to day doesn't reflect your values. 

I know you don't want to choose between any of the work you're called to do and the relationships in your life...I surely didn't want to choose. But I also know that you can't keep running at this pace and something has to give.

That's why I committed to supporting you in doing what truly reflects your values...building strong & healthy relationships.

As a relationship coach, author and speaker, my focus is on supporting women who are called to do great to build strong relationships with God, self & others. 

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The journey of supporting women called to do great things.

I started my business in November of 2014, focusing primarily on supporting women as a brand strategist.  I focused on branding and marketing strategy and offered specific and strategic guidance in growing a profitable business.  I helped my clients earn great success and enjoyed supporting them in reaching their goals. As I worked with my clients, I naturally and intentionally supported them in personal development as that directly impacts their business.

And in working with my clients, I found that they struggled with trying to make time to maintain strong relationships. 

After working with several clients to create incredible strategies for growing their business, I realized that there was a new way I wanted to support women in doing the work they're called to do.  

I realized that women can't do the work their called to do if the relationships that matter the most to them (God, self, and other) are not strong and healthy. And that in having strong relationships with God, self and others that we can have the clarity and confidence to do the work we're called to do.  So I decided to slightly shift my focus and support women in doing the work their called to do a little more indirectly, by supporting them in building strong relationships. 

So, I spent more time in prayer and after working with a coach, I realized that my new way of supporting women is directly in building strong relationships. I decided I wanted to provide support, guidance and resources in a more tangible and practical way, beyond strategy.  

How I support women

I support women in building strong & healthy relationships through coaching, masterminds, public speaking and digital resources. 

More about me 

I am a natural big-bold dreamer and a deeply rooted woman of faith and passionately committed and proud Navy wife. I'm a loving mother and a devoted entrepreneur with a humble abundance of knowledge and experience. I have a BA in social science with an emphasis in Sociology & Psychology and two years of graduate school education in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University.

I am the author of EntrepreFriendships, a book that uncovers the step-by-step process to building business relationships.  I have created group workshops, training and masterminds on topics pertaining to personal growth, building relationships, business growth and embracing diversity.  I travel the country speaking and teaching and am incredibly passionate about relationships.

Life is about relationships

Relationships matter, because it's relationships that give us connection and a sense of belonging. They grow and stretch us and they make life more fulfilling.

So let's lock arms and do this life together!

The BIG vision

Love God; love people, and encourage others to do the same.

The Mission:

Support women in building strong relationships with God, self & others. 

My core values

  1. Have faith in God; spirit lead me
  2. Build real and meaningful relationships
  3. Live authentically (embrace who you, what you want & the purpose for your life)
  4. Communicate openly & honestly; even when it's hard
  5. Support and serve others well
  6. Embrace diversity & build real community
  7. Take care of yourself & smile
  8. Create a vision bigger than you & invite people to help you
  9. Life has seasons, embrace the one you're in
  10. We shine brighter together

We shine brighter together

Give me gold, sequins, stripes, and bows, and you’ll have one happy-sassy soul sister. To know me is to also know I love to shine and sparkle, inside and out. So I love a sparkly shirt or accessory and pretty pumps. I’ve even been told, “You sparkle everywhere you go.” I love to shine bright, so you can shine brighter. I truly believe we shine brighter together!