I'm a relationship coach for business and life. I'm a motivational speaker and author of the books EntrepreFriendships & Threads Unraveled (coming soon).  All of my work is central to supporting people in building relationships and doing the work they're called to do.

In three short years of being in business, I've spoken at over 30 different events, been published in magazines and blog articles, published a book and I've been featured on several podcasts. I've worked with several 6-7 figure small businesses and supported them in surpassing their growth goals. I've worked with women to discover and embrace who they are!

I've had nearly 200 one-on-one meet & greet conversations with industry peers and leaders such as Heather Crabtree, Tash from Ike & Tash Photography, Natalie MacNeil, Natalie Frank, Tara Gentile, Stacey Ferguson, Carrie Grace, Mecca Gamble, Dr. Roselyn Aker-Black, Kathleen Shannon co-founder of Being Boss Podcast, The ladies behind Think Creative Collective, PR & Marketing directors at Ben & Jerry's, Emily Ley's team and the list goes on.

If there's one thing I know how to do in business, I know how to build relationships and connect with incredible industry peers and leaders. 

I'm  a natural big-bold dreamer and a deeply rooted woman of faith, proud Navy wife and loving mother to two little ones. I have a BA in social science with an emphasis in Sociology & Psychology and two years of graduate school education in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. I  believe life is about relationships, so let’s spend more time enjoying them.

Below you will find a visual resume of many of my accomplishments:

Speaking Experience:


Topic: Building Business Relationships


Topic: Put the Sweet in Your Client Experience (Video)


Topic: Building Business Relationships

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Topic: Strategies to Live Your Best Life


Topics: Client Experience, Racial Reconciliation, Marriage 

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Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 6.52.03 PM

Topic: Building Your Business with Live Streaming


Topics: Winning in Business Relationships/ Overcoming the Fear of Rejection


Topic: Networking with a Strategy 


Topic: Personal Branding


Topic: Guarding your heart while building community


Topic: The Process of Embracing Authenticity & Achieving Success


Topic: Building relationships in business


Topic: Building relationships with industry influencers


Building Relationships


Topic: Building Your Business Relationships

creative brand summit


Reset Conference, 2018

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