A relationship is only as strong as the people within it. This is where we work on building you up. 

Are you struggling with your confidence, self-esteem or vision as a woman? Are you feeling unsure of your purpose for your life or are you struggling to heal from some painful life experiences? If you're here you're probably tired of feeling tired.  You know some things need to change, but you're not sure where to start.  And you don't want to do it alone.

So I have some questions for you...

Are tired of struggling with insecurities, perfectionism, control and negative self-talk?

Are you tired of fear bossing you around?

Do you want to grow more in your faith?

What if you didn't struggle and wrestle with past hurts and pains that are showing up in your marriage and affecting the way you're treating one another?

What if you loved and accepted yourself as who you are, instead of comparing yourself to others and never quite feeling like you're good enough?

What if you could lead and serve well without letting fear or anyone's thoughts get in the way?

What if you could see yourself as for how God sees you?

If you're here, then I know you're ready to build and nurture your relationships and be your best self!

As a relationship coach, I work to support you in growing as a person and strengthening your relationships, especially your marriage. 

So, let's lock arms and work together.

My experience with Monique was very encouraging. I felt very understood and cared for, comforted, and pushed to be better.Monique Melton can help you gain a lot of clarity and help you make a strategy for the future.  You definitely need to call Monique. It will change your life. I cannot even describe the ways my business and life and heart have changed in the six weeks we've been talking. Like for real. Life-changing~ Rachel LeBeau



During the relationship coaching experience, we may address the following specific areas:

  1. Negative self-talk and how to take control over your thoughts
  2. Perfectionism and how to embrace growth
  3. Control, fear and anxiety and how to stop allowing your fears and insecurities to boss you around
  4. Stress and overwhelm; what's at the root of it all and how to create and use tools to help you to handle it
  5. Communication with your spouse (fighting fair, talking about money, expressing your needs, working through hurt & pain)
  6. Intimacy with your spouse (reconnecting with one another & making time for date nights)
  7. Creating schedules and routines that reflect your values and embrace your lifestyle(spirituality, fun/recreation, household chores/task, meal planning, work, etc.)
  8. Work through painful experiences that are affecting your marriage, such as beliefs, behaviors, and habits
  9. Identify what change looks like for you in your marriage and what steps you want to take towards change
  10. Discuss how your career or business may be having a toll on your marriage.
What to expect

During the relationship coaching experience you can expect the following:

  • This experience begins with an in-depth workbook for you to complete to collect information and begin assessing where you are & how you're striving to grow
  • HIGHLY FOCUSED private coaching sessions with Monique Melton.
  • As applicable, assignments may be delivered to you following the coaching sessions.  The assignments will be reviewed prior to the following session to provide you with more clarity and direction.
  • Email access to Monique Melton for questions & feedback during the duration of the coaching experience.
  • Accountability in doing the work.
  • Invitation to attend exclusive events for coaching clients

Coaching typically begins at $500 per month for two 50-minute sessions per month. Inquire for more details.

(I only work with a limited number of clients and only during certain times of the year. Inquire for more details.)