What clients have to say about working with Monique Melton

"I come from a place of lots of experience in my industry and lots of knowledge about running a team, what I thought I lacked was how to take an existing company from churning in the same circle to turning into a powerhouse in our industry.  I met Monique a year ago and her infectious energetic personality drew me in immediately and I knew I had to work with her!  Every step of the process of working with her has enlightened me to thoughts and processes I never knew we were capable of.  She reminded me why I do what I do and taught me on more than one occasion how to turn that into the successful new path we are on. After working with her for a year, yes we extended our contract because I couldn’t be without her awesome ideas and creativity in pulling information out of my brain, we have not only turned around our business but are growing exactly in the directions we set forth at the beginning of the year.  Monique has single-handedly reenergized my plans and has helped me create new areas to explore to not only to grow my business but to take my business and myself to levels I couldn’t even imagine were available.  I feel so fortunate to have met her and have the opportunity to work with her.  If you're considering working with her you would be doing yourself and your business a huge disservice if you choose against it.  Every dollar I spent with her has been a return on my investment one hundred times over.  Thank you, Monique for the incredible value and friendship!" ~Connie Fuksa, Foote Title Insurance Company

"My overall experience with Monique Melton has been helpful in clarifying my company's brand and marketing goals for the future of my business. Monique provides personalized services with poignant questions to help you align your brand with your personal core values and has creative ideas to market a small business." ~ Rachel Naber, Nabers Photos & Design

"You are truly a GOD sent ANGEL!!!!  This is absolutely perfect and professional.  Thank you so much. I’m starting to feel like we’re finally putting the foundation under our dream thanks to you! Your process of clarifying the brands' identity is fabulous.  In addition, the marketing plan created will allow for duplication in the future, plus your help actually executing the plan was exactly what we needed What I liked most about working with Monique Melton is her beautiful spirit!!!" - Erin Lewis, Gals Lead

" Before I met Monique, I was all over the place in my business.  Literally, I was trying to run two businesses at once and struggling in the one where my heart truly was.  I lacked focus and desperately needed someone to step in and help me make decisions that allowed me to stay on task.  That was Monique.  We tackled so many logical things and emotional things, which was really unexpected.  I had a mental block that was preventing me from moving forward with Conference Connection.  I questioned myself for creating this resource because I didn't have experience as a conference attendee.  Monique's response brought me to tears, exactly what I needed, a release of that emotion so that I'd be able to move on.  Monique was very patient with me even though I couldn't answer a lot of her (simple) questions.  She always stressed that she was meeting me where I was and that I didn't have to worry about anything else.  It was my first time working with a coach, I can't recommend her enough to other entrepreneurs.   Working with Monique has made me a more focused entrepreneur and that restored my joy in Conference Connection."

"Monique's comprehensive process provided the clarity I needed in order to rebrand and launch my website. My overall experience with Monique was excellent." - Erin Lewis, The Dream Queen Association

Working Monique was an absolute dream. Not only was she 100% invested in our project of launching The B Academy, but always checked in on my personal well being and other ventures. Even after our project ended, she has proven to be one of my #1 cheerleaders in all aspects of my business and life. I highly recommend Monique and look forward to working with her again in the future.


"Monique was incredibly easy to work with from start to finish. She delivered great content for my audience!" Carrie Grace, Carrie Grace Shop

Awhile ago I was, what I'm calling 'binge networking' and constantly going to different networking events. Maybe at least 2 or 3 times a week. I became addicted to EventBrite. But after meeting really great people, and even taking the next step as far as meeting at a coffee shops, I found myself going broke because my showing interest and support was buying into their business. Although alot of them were services I could use, but I didn't need them at that point in time. So I've stopped going, and miss the connections. In such a very short period of time you reminded me why networking and building those connections are important. Like you mentioned that those follow-up meetings are 'the lifeline' to your business, I believe that to be true in everyone's  business. We need to meet and connect with others for not only potential clients, or customers, but for motivation and support to continue our work.  Thank you so much for the pleasure of being part of your mastermind, I did enjoy it and look forward to connecting with you more. Hope you have a good weekend coming. – Altrea Manns

"Monique's sense of style and love for God shines through everything she does. Not only is she an absolute breath of fresh air, she just radiates confidence. Every time I've walked away from a conversation with her I have always felt uplifted and refreshed.~ Amanda Adams, Amanda Adams Photography

"Monique, it has been a pleasure to work with you on the recent special event set designs for MetroCast Channel 10. Your ability to pull together a unique set for our Christmas TV special was incredible. You have vision, ingenuity and loads of creativity. I hope that there will be other opportunities to work together again in the future." ~ Alisa Casas, Studio Operations Manager at MetroCast Channel 10

"I happened to be scrolling through my timeline at the exact moment I saw your post for the mastermind. I was a little skeptical at first because I had missed 2 of the 4 weeks but I signed up anyway. When I first got on the call I was like, "none of this is going to apply to me because I am nowhere in my business". That was a lie! As you were talking about systems, I was like "that's it"! That's why I've been stuck all this time. I had been focusing on all the wrong things. That call gave me my focus. I can actually see what my next steps are and I am clear about them. All because of your mastermind. The clouds of stress and anxiety cleared and I can now see exactly where to step." – Kim Lofton

Monique is well...it's so hard to put into words. She is and has been a big game changer in my biz. Not only as a coach but a friend. Monique pushes me outside my comfort zone, makes me think REAL BIG, and feel worthy about all of it!!! She is firm yet loving and knows that everyone can reach their full potential given the opportunity! And she is a beautiful believer, never giving up on you, and always seeing the best in every single situation. If you are looking for some FLUFF, she is not your girl but if you are seeking for someone that challenges you, sees the best and gives you the tools to grow then MONIQUE is your girl!! Since working with Monique I have secured speaking events, created revenue, and reached some real-life attainable goals that I would never have seen without her clarity and guidance. But most importantly I have a true friend bc when you are ready to be set free she lets you fly but never leaves your side. Lifelong friendships are invaluable.

"Working with you has been a great experience.  I am learning how to focus on exactly what I want my business to represent and how to communicate that to the customer. It has been easy to connect with you and share with you what I need.  I feel like I have someone on my team to encourage me and uplift me in my business which is priceless! " ~ Amy Thompson, Lola Belle Co.

"Just found your info this morning and I just did the week one challenge. It's exactly what I've needed. I have two bad experiences with having someone help "brand me." These questions were the right questions to be asking because I can finally articulate all the things I've been picturing, but haven't been able to put into words about my brand. Thank you!!" - Shannon Bishop, Shannon Bishop Photography

"I was STUCK for a while with the direction I wanted to go with my artistry business - You've gotten me back into my "Business" mind frame again and I am more motivated than ever to re-brand and promote my artistry. Thank you sooooooo much!" ~ Tia Noel, Makeup Artist

"I just listened to your broadcast. (Mizzcandylove) you did awesome! It was very enlightening! I'm new to this periscope and I really enjoyed your segment. Keep doing what you are doing.. I most definitely walked away with something. My husband enjoyed it too!" - Candance Rutlin-Price

"She kicks my mental butt every time I talk to her, and I love it. If you are in business I recommend getting hooked up with this woman!" - Carol Lara

There are so many companies that promise so many things. It can be truly difficult as a new entrepreneur to know what to do in your business when every step of the way you're bombarded with either conflicting information or too much information. I am so blessed to have found Monique's Mastermind group which took me from spinning in circles to pursuing specific and actionable daily steps to insure success. You will know where you're going and how to get there after Monique gets a hold of your business. She helped me take all of the things I want to do long term in business and secure an actionable plan to get them done. Thank you so much Monique! – Chelsea Elise

"Monique is a great cheerleader and motivator, she will get to the root of what's holding your business back and help you over come the obstacles. Monique helped me move forward in my business with a clear direction and confidence!" - Kelley Moreno, Elegant Events By Kelley

"For a while now, I have been following Monique Melton, a brand strategist that is amazing at what she does. End of last year I won a spot in her Bright & Brilliant program, which is helping entrepreneurs to transform their business into a bright and brilliant brand. That program started last month and I am just blown away. As everybody has different issues or things to work on in their business to be successful, for me there are some personal road blocks. The first session made me realize that I am the problem. Well, I knew I was the problem, but not in the way I had thought." - Daniela Aubrey

"Hey Monique!  I hope you're having a great day!  I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for being my strategist I'm excited each week after our session to work on myself more and my business and I'm confident I will reach my goals with your assistance. I can't thank you enough!" - Deborah Duley, MSW, LGSW. Empowered Connections, LLC

Why Monique? 2015 was all about reconnecting with MY WHY as an insurance agency owner in Southern Maryland for almost 20 years.

I first contacted Monique as welcoming her to the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce. But little did I know before the call that I would be hiring her as my brand strategist.

Our connection was made from the start & I needed some new ideas & enthusiasm from my branding strategies & coaching my staff on their Why & building our brand to current & future clients.

Monique gave me great advice from updating my website & partaking in a full-blown photo shoot to highlight my services & community support throughout Southern Maryland that I could use for future marketing pieces.

Our monthly meetings were very insightful, sometimes you know what you need to do but just need the extra confidence & support to get through it and Monique assisted me & my team through that.

I am forever grateful for her that my agency reconnected with my Why because of Monique's techniques & strategies.--Carrie Polk, Carrie Polk Insurance 


I can't remember how I came across Monique Melton on Instagram, but I do remember that I was instantly inspired by Monique's genuine approach to business and relationships. Being a relationally-focused person myself, I knew that if I were to polish my skills in building professional relationships and deepen my friendships then I needed Monique in my life. Her kindness and passion for justice make her stand out amongst so many entrepreneurs and educators. I am so glad our paths crossed. I know that I am a better business owner, advocate, and human because of Monique. 


"My favorite part of working with Monique was brainstorming together and her careful , thoughtful, insightful questions which helped me help myself and also to take notes that will continue to help me as I grow.  What I liked most about working with Monique was Everything. Really. I liked that we wound up spacing it out longer than weekly because what I wanted changed as I worked with Monique. I like that she could keep the focus on the lesson. I like the written homework tho some parts of it don't quite seem to fit what I do - the work is still provocative and in trying to figure if there is a fit led me to new insights on my work and work on how I could make it fit.  I was pretty much done with ever using a coach again until I ran into Monique and a 1 on 1 with her sparked the idea that maybe, just maybe, I had at last found someone who understood partnership coaching. You have to understand that I have tried several other BIG $ coaches over the past decade and fired them all.  So glad we did this together! Thank you!" - Tammy Vitale, Exit by the Bay Real Estate Agent 

"My overall experience was fabulous! I have been working with Monique close to a year now and the progress I have made gives me such joy. I had so many projects in my life and no direction. We prioritized each one and helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to do and how I should do it. Even though we did some personal coaching the process of researching and establishing an assisted living business helped me understand my strengths and weakness as a business woman. I liked the fact that she was so quick to recognize where I needed the most help even though I was such a mess. I'm so grateful to have her in my life. Looking forward to future endeavors." - A. Fleming 

Our experience was great! We are very happy with the growth we had personally and in our business :)I personally appreciated how insightful Monique was. For having never met in person, it was quite remarkable how deep things went and how much understanding we gained, via phone calls only. Honestly we came out of our program feeling great. We chose Monique, because she (#1) gave us a chance and spoke with us openly without judgement and (#2) during that first discovery call, it was very quickly apparent that Monique was exactly who we needed. She was wonderful to talk to and we had no second thoughts and knew immediately after hanging up that she was who we wanted to work with. We really appreciate your time Monique. Thank you for all your guidance!  --Jessica Wagner, Pember