Casting the Vision Guide
Copy of schedule it

Use this workbook to explore what self-care means to you. Many know self-care is important, but don't quite know what truly fills them up. This goes far beyond a spa day but invites you to explore self-care on deeper and more meaningful level.

In this simple, yet thought-provoking workbook you'll better understand what fills you up. This way you can begin engaging in more meaningful self-care that fuels you. This workbook is 9 pages and is great for printing as it has space for writing your answers.

Grab this workbook today to begin your journey to better self-care.

Create your business growth strategy to include your goals and marketing strategy with this  fill-able PDF guide to show you how to go from vision (what you want to do) to action (steps to take to accomplish it).

12 page guide to set the vision, organize the steps and take action.

This guide shows you how to set goals for your business and break those down into actionable steps.

Bright team guide

Your brand is as strong as your team. Thus, it’s important and critical to the success of your brand to build and equip your team to shine bright and provide your clients with the best experience. Whether you are hiring your first team member, or desire to refine your team building, or wish to grow & nurture your established team, this guide book is for you. This guide book is designed to support you and your team in growing your brand and reaching your goals. This guide helps you understand how to nurture a team and provides clear and concrete steps for building your team. It also includes a spreadsheet for organizing your team.

I’m so excited you’re taking this next step to creating a schedule for your family that can help you carve out more time to connect with the ones you love. I have broken this up into 4 parts to make this process simple and easy to follow.

This is for anyone who wants to create more order and systems in how they manage the chaos of everyday life.



A complimentary guide that goes with the book EntrepreFriendships to help you be more consistent, organized and strategic with building relationships.


Because life is about relationships. But sometimes building relationships in business can be hard to navigate. But it doesn't have to be hard, awkward or complicated.

With this simple step-by-step guide that includes a one-on-one call/meeting "cheat sheet"/template you can take the guess work out of having great and effective virtual coffee dates.

So take the fear out of reaching out and getting to know new business friends with this simple and easy to read guide. This is one you'll wanna keep near by you.

And it's free!

The Brighter Biz Guide is a great resource filled with 106 growth strategies for your business so you can spend less time working and more time with bae (or whoever).

In this 30 plus page guide you'll find a complete list of strategies you can readily implement into your business, without breaking the bank. These strategies are simple, practical and many have been tried by myself and my clients with great--incredible results.


Before a great building is constructed, exquisite plans are crafted and executed to accomplish the vision of the architect. You have the vision, but perhaps you’re missing the plans and foundation you need to construct a profitable and sustainable business. That’s why I’m here to help you.

In this presentation you’ll learn the 5 critical strategic plans you need to build a more profitable business. This no-fluff conversation will give you practical and actionable steps you can take right away to begin creating and implementing these plans. Bring your notebook, pen, and get ready to learn and take action. And we just might have a dance party at some point during this presentation, just saying.

Creating a S.W.E.E.T Client Experience

Giving clients an enjoyable and unforgettable experience is something many brands

strive to accomplish, but often miss the mark. Yet, creating an incredible and organized

experience is something that can deliver tremendous rewards to your business.

Therefore, understanding how to accomplish this is valuable to building a solid brand. In

this lively and interactive presentation, you will learn the primary stages of the client

experience and how to add the S.W.E.E.T. to one of the most critical stages. What is

S.W.E.E.T.? To put the S.W.E.E.T in your client experiences means to create an

experience that is Simple, worth it, effective, enjoyable and thoughtful. Learn how to put

the S.W.E.E.T in one of the most critical stages of your client experience to give your

clients something that excites them and motivates them to share your brand with the


This training is approximately 1 hour and packed with real and actionable steps. So grab a notebook and pen and be prepared to learn & grow in this training.

The Make it Once Masterclass

In this webinar/video I share with you the specific steps to creating and marketing a passive stream product or service.

This training is approximately 1 hour and packed with real and actionable steps. So grab a notebook and pen and be prepared to learn & grow in this training.


EntrepreFriendships: Step-by-Step Guide to Make More Meaningful Connections, Earn Greater Business Opportunities, and Develop Real Business Relationships

Take the mystery and nerves out of meeting new people and go far beyond small talk to build real and meaningful business relationships with this comprehensive, step-by-step guide. And because marketing is all about building relationships and meaningful relationships start and last with a genuine commitment to support and serve others, thus this book is based on that principle: Support & Serve. Read more >>


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