One of my gifts is the ability to take complex ideas and break them down into clear, specific and easy to understand components.

I am passionate about people being able to listen to information and then able to apply it right away. No fluff over here. 

As a speaker, I aim to make my time with any group of people to be positive, encouraging, clear and actionable. I have signature presentations that focus around three main relationships: God, self and others.

Signature Workshops/Presentations 

Please review the following signature workshops/presentations that bring to life real, specific and practical strategies for more fulfilling , joyful abundant living.

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Threads Unraveled 

Are you ready to fully embrace authenticity?  Embracing authenticity begins with your relationship with God and yourself.

This deeply thought-provoking workshop/presentation walks you through the journey of embracing authenticity; your true, real and honest identity in Christ to help you uncover who you are as a person, what you want/what God wants for you, and the purpose for your life.

In that exploration of authenticity, we will take a journey into issues of the heart and create space to invite healing into some of the darkest most painful places in your heart.

This workshop/presentation is heart-felt, spirit-led and incredibly life-changing.

What will you learn at Threads Unraveled: This workshop/presentation examines the heart and soul to uncover the purpose for your life & what’s holding you back from embracing it.  The goal is for you to walk away feeling aware of the threads that limit your growth, inspired to break-free from what’s holding you back and motivated to embrace all of who you are, what you want & the purpose for your life.  You’ll learn real strategies and even have homework to do long after the workshop is over.

This workshop/presentation is conducted with a combination of lecture, power point presentation, individual reflection and high-energy.  Be prepared to be vulnerable…be prepared to be unraveled…be prepared to embrace authenticity.


Support & Serve: Building Meaningful Relationships

Life is about relationships. The relationship you have with God, yourself & with others. In this heart-felt, life-giving and strategy focused workshop you can expect to walk away with more confidence and clarity in how to build & nurture meaningful relationships.

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What you will learn at Support & Serve: Building Meaningful Relationships:

Learn the characteristics of a meaningful relationship
Learn what it takes to make deeper connections in relationships
Learn specific strategies for nurturing healthy relationships (such as creating boundaries, navigating difficult conversations, expressing your needs)

This workshop/presentation will get you to thinking. And if you’re serious it will get you doing things that are unconventional—not because they’re revolutionary, but instead because they go back to the roots and the basics of humanity. And that is to connect with people & build relationships.

This workshop/presentation is conducted with a combination of lecture, power point presentation, individual reflection and high-energy. Be prepared to get clear & specific about how to build relationships. Be prepared to take action and go and get it done.


Embrace Diversity: Unity through diversity

Being born a certain skin color should not shape or influence your experience in this world, yet unfortunately, it does. But, we can change that. We have much more to gain when we come together, instead of being divided.  We can come together and be the change we want to see in this world. It happens one thought, one feeling and one action at a time.

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What you will learn at the Embrace Diversity Workshop™:

In this thought-provoking and "out-of-comfort zone" workshop you will learn realistic and practical ways to create and embrace diversity in your life & how you can align the work you do in the world with racial conciliation and unity in your community

Be a part of the change that creates a real community. A community where people feel accepted and as if they belong; a place where not everyone looks or acts the same; and a place where people are safe to be who God created them to be.

This workshop will help you build a broader perspective so you can embrace diversity and build real community.

This workshop/presentation is conducted with a combination of lecture, power point presentation, individual reflection and high-energy. Be prepared to get clear & specific about how to embrace diversity. Be prepared to take action and go and get it done.

Business Proof Your Marriage

This presentation is for the person who feels like you're struggling with work/life "balance" and that your business may be placing a strain on your marriage. Yeah, not an easy thing to admit, but truth is, most of us at some point struggle to find the harmony in the chaos of our everyday lives and our relationships suffer as a result of it.

There's simply so much to do and there appears to be not enough time to do it. You're overwhelmed and stressed out with trying to keep up with it all. And your day-to-day life doesn't truly reflect your values.  And even though you love what you do, you feel like your business may be placing a strain on your relationships, especially your marriage.

But it doesn't have to be this way. You can build a successful business and have a strong and healthy the same time. But not without intentional effort...and that's exactly what this presentation will show you how to do.  How to build your business in a way that doesn't strain your your marriage.

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What you will learn at Business Proof Your Marriage:

  1. Understand the 7 commons strains that business can have on your marriage
  2. Three strategies you can take to release the grip that your business has on you
  3. The two main reasons why your spouse doesn't support you the way you need in your business
  4. 3 steps to make your marriage a top priority in your life, despite what stage you're in your business & life

This workshop/presentation is conducted with a combination of lecture, power point presentation, individual reflection and high-energy. Come prepared to learn new ideas and strategies that you can apply right away to business proof your marriage, so you can have a great business and a great marriage. 


Put the S.W.E.E.T in Your Client Experience

Giving clients an enjoyable and unforgettable experience is something many brands strive to accomplish, but often miss the mark. Yet, creating an incredible and organized experience is something that can deliver tremendous rewards to your business. Therefore, understanding how to accomplish this is valuable to building a solid brand. Learn how to create more intentional thought and energy in your client experience while building your business to stand out and achieve long-term success.

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What you will learn at the Put the S.W.E.E.T™ in your Client Experience:

In this high-energy and informative workshop, you will learn realistic and practical ways to create a SWEET client experience. You will learn these main points:

What does SWEET mean and how to create it for your client experience

The primary stages of the client experience identified

What every client experience needs

Why a particular stage in the client experience is so critical

Three strategies to add S.W.E.E.T to this critical stage of the client experience

This workshop will help create a client experience that stands out and helps you build a viable business.

More topics

My focus is to speak on topics related to supporting you in who you are, what you're called to do and in building strong relationships. If you're interested in one of the topics listed above or have other ideas, please be sure to contact me here

A no-brainer

"While brainstorming speakers for our Young Professionals Network’s Lunch & Learn panel, Monique Melton was a no-brainer.  We were looking for local experts in networking to build business relationships and Monique not only teaches others how to do this but puts it to practice every day.  She meshed with our other two panelists effortlessly and got our audience excited to go out and apply what they learned right away.  I look forward to working with Monique on future projects and would highly recommend her to any individual or group looking for an expert in this field."

High energy, Deeply Empowering

"I would definitely invite Monique Melton back as a speaker at our annual women's conference.  She kicked off the day with a high energy and deeply empowering talk called Living Your Best Life.  I loved that she provided real strategies and techniques that participants could take home and apply in their everyday lives.  What makes Monique so special is her raw vulnerability and her ability to transform a room of seemingly unconnected people into a place where deep love is felt and found.  She was the gift our group needed in order to move into the transformational segment that followed her powerful presentation."

Passionate, High Energy

Monique has so much energy and passion that she can captivate a room as soon as she starts speaking. She has a unique gift of making each person feel as if they have known her for years and they are family. We were so thankful to have her share her inspiring message that encouraged attendees and was a stand out favorite

Interested in working with me to speak at your upcoming event on a topic not listed here? Please be sure to contact me.

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Changing lives

"Thank you for giving your knowledge and your heart. You changed lives when you took the stage and not only taught people how to "Put the SWEET in Your Client Experience" but also what it truly means to Give before you Get. You are a treasure Monique Melton, and I am honored to call you my friend!"

Mixing humor and depth

"Monique is such a caring, passionate and inspirational leader and speaker and we couldn't have been happier with how her presentation went at the Creative Brand Summit! She does an amazing job of mixing humor and every day life with deep, devoted messages about creating change and community. I'm so happy to be able to call her a newfound friend and I KNOW she'd be a valuable asset to any conference lineup."

Image credits (consecutively): Lunabear Studio at The Savvy Experience Hosted by Heather Crabstree, Natalie Franke.