Ready to grow & expand your brand in 2018?

Want to find out how?

Join us for SWEET Brands "The workshop", a  2-day business planning workshop.

You can expect hands-on education, guidance, and support in building solid plans to grow your business. But we're not only here to make incredible plans. We're here to get to work too.

This is the second round for SWEET Brands "The Workshop", and we're focusing on marketing and 4 P's to building a more profitable business (PR, passive income, public speaking and getting published).

That's right, during this experience, you will have time to put many of the strategies you're learning into use while you're here with the experts.

How this all started

When I started my biz in November 2014, I was nursing a baby and homeschooling a pre-schooler. I didn't have a lot of time or money. Yet I knew I had something to say, a message to share with the world and a legacy to build.  So I decided to focus on what I now call the S.W.E.E.T system.  I apply the S.W.E.E.T system to my business and with my clients.

And here I am, 3 years later with a successful-growing and full-time business built by using a proven system that I'm going to share with you.

The same system that has helped my clients sell out events, sell out programs, launch new brands, increase their business revenue and more. 

When you know something works, time and time again, then you know you've struck gold.

Now it's time to share this system with you! During this 2-day experience, we will review this system as we explore and dig deep into marketing, passive income, public speaking and getting published.


So what's the S.W.E.E.T Brands System

The word S.W.E.E.T is acronym I created to originally describe your client experience. To keep the acronym going I decided to use it to focus on the proven steps it takes to grow a profitable and purposeful business. Over the last 3 years,  I've used this proven framework with my clients to support them in growing their businesses. The system can be used for your overall business(as outlined below) or for a segment of your business, such as public speaking (like in the S.W.E.E.T Intensive)

S.W.E.E.T Brands for your business:

Story: What's your story? What's your brand's story? What's your client's story and how do we bring it all together into a brand story that makes sense and stays true to your values, while aligning and connecting with your core audience?

Wealth: This is where we get clear on how you're growing your brand and building your business to expand and to be sustainable.

Experience: This is where we get clear on your detailed client experience and how you're serving your clients best. If you want to make sure your clients come back or refer you, then you need an experience that makes them want to do so.

Exceptional: This where we focus on building exceptional marketing strategies and relationships to grow your brand. We focus on your overall strategy for growth and then narrow in on your specific relationship marketing strategy, so you know who you should be connecting with and how.

Team: Because to grow your business means to grow a strong and supportive team.This is where we get clear on how to grow and nurture your team (whether you're just hiring or have an established team)


Now it's time to spill the sugar about  S.W.E.E.T Brands "The Workshop"

S.W.E.E.T Brands "The Workshop"

This intimate TWO-day business planning workshop experience is specifically designed for creatives who want to grow and expand their businesses in 2018.

During this experience, we explore and get to work in 5 key areas of your business.

  1. Marketing
  2. PR
  3. Passive Income
  4. Getting Published
  5. Public Speaking

Let's take all of your ideas and questions about growing your business and create a plan that's just right for you!

We'll explore the key components necessary to grow and expand your brand so you know exactly what steps to take to reach your big 2018 goals.

This isn't an experience designed to give you general ideas and suggestions, you can read a blog article for that. But instead, this workshop is a hands-on experience to get up close and personal with your business and to show you exactly what your specific business needs to reach your growth goals.



What to expect from this experience

  • 2-day exclusive in-person event to guide you," hands-on style" through the steps of creating plans and taking action in marketing, PR, Passive income, Public Speaking and getting published (will receive the full agenda upon registration)
  • Yummy eats! The experience includes breakfast, snacks, and lunch
  • Getting work done, while you're here! Because we have a small and intimate group, you can also expect to experience a lot of hands-on guidance and support to get work done while you're here. No leaving with just're leaving with clear next steps Come with your laptop, notebooks and sleeves rolled up because we're getting work done!
  • In-person group coaching to gain more support and feedback as you work on your plans for 2018
  • Brand Audit, yes! Before you arrive at the workshop you'll have homework to complete and to submit so I can do a review of your brand audit for your brand. This way I know where you are and where you're trying to go before you even step foot into the workshop. (Includes a 30-minute coaching call prior to the event to review your brand audit)
  • Guest Speakers to walk you through the topics of marketing,  PR, Publishing, Passive income, Public Speaking and Getting Published.
  • Access to me via email to answer questions & concerns

    What you can expect to walk away with from this experience...

  1. Clear next steps for growing your business with a solid focus.
  2. An understanding of how to create your unique marketing plan for 2018.
  3. A clear PR strategy to grow your brand through sponsorships and public speaking
  4. A more refined signature speaking presentation (and understanding of how to use speaking as a marketing strategy)
  5. Understanding of the publishing world and what you need to do to get published
  6. New friends and opportunities

And MORE...

The Details

Date: Saturday-Sunday, April 21-22nd, 2018

Time: 8:30-5:00pm (Each day)

Location: To be announced. But imagine an intimate and rustic venue tucked in the charm of beautiful coastal Maryland.

The number of people: This is an intimate event so the number of attendees is only a small limited number of people.

Flying in? Best airport is DCA, Raegan International or, BWI, Baltimore-Washington International

heart-01Meet me, your coach, speaker & creator of this experience

I'm a business & relationship coach for women. I'm a motivational speaker and author of the books EntrepreFriendships & Threads Unraveled (coming soon).  All of my work is central to supporting women in building purposeful and profitable businesses while maintaining healthy relationships.

In three short years of being in business, I've spoken at nearly 50 different events, been published in magazines and blog articles, published a book and I've been featured on several podcasts. I've worked with many small businesses and supported them in surpassing their growth goals. I've also grown a profitable and purposeful business over the last 3 yrs. So I believe it's safe to say that the S.W.E.E.T system works.

I'm  a natural big-bold dreamer and a deeply rooted woman of faith, proud Navy wife and loving mother to two little ones. I have a BA in social science with an emphasis in Sociology & Psychology and two years of graduate school education in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. I  believe life is about relationships, so let’s spend more time enjoying them.

If there's one thing I know how to do in business, I know how to keep things S.W.E.E.T and I want to show you how too. 


Moni Jefferson

Topic: Creating the Perfect Pitch & PR Strategy for 2018

Moni Jefferson is a publicist, founder of the Milspouse Creative community, owner of D&H Public Relations, proud Airforce wife, mother to three and a passionate creative business owner/influencer. She will be teaching "hands-on" style how to create your PR strategy, specific to your business. She will share with you how to find brands to collaborate with, how to pitch for speaking and sponsorships and more. She's taking the mystery and confusion out of PR. She's full of passion, energy and serious know-how. I can't wait for you to experience her knowledge, expertise, and guidance. (Joining us live, in-person)




Topic:  Getting Published

Eliana Baucicault is the mastermind behind Elly B Events, the editor and chief of B Inspired Magazine and creator of the B Academy. Her commitment to executing creative and gorgeous events matches her drive to build value in the wedding industry. 

(Joining us virtually)




Natalie Franke Hayes

Topic: Strategies to grow & sustain a profitable business in 2018

Natalie Franke Hayes is an entrepreneur, mobilization marketer, community builder, and neuroscience nerd. As one of the Founders of the Rising Tide Society and the Head of Community at HoneyBook, she leads tens of thousands of creatives and small business owners while fostering a spirit of community over competition. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and dog, consumes copious amounts of coffee every day, and enjoys traveling to new cities with a camera in hand.  (Joining us virtually)






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Tamara Ibanez is a portrait Photographer and Makeup Artist based in Southern Maryland. For more information connect with her on Facebook,here.


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Investment options


Because there are special perks for being in the community. Not a member yet? Simply join here. Reserve your seat for only $150 and enjoy the option of paying the balance in full by April 5th, 2018. The early bird option expires March 1st, 2018.

General Investment: $1297.

Reserve your seat for only $150 and enjoy the option of paying the balance in full by April 5, 2018.


Reserve your seat on or before February 15th and you'll receive an additional 1-hour coaching session with me to be used prior to the workshop experience.

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This is for you if…

  • You’ve experienced some great success in your business so, but you're ready to grow your platform & expand your reach
  • You want to do more public speaking, podcast interviews, guest blogging, and community building
  • You see the value and benefit of working one-on-one with a coach and in a group setting
  • You believe in supporting others in accomplishing greatness.
  • You’re willing to work hard and you’re dedicated to working for what you believe in.

What people are saying about working with me

Thank you so much for pouring so much into us on Saturday! I learned a lot and connected with absolutely beautiful women, inside and out. It was such a blessing!

Working with Monique was an absolute dream. Not only was she 100% invested in our project of launching The B Academy, but always checked in on my personal well being and other ventures. Even after our project ended, she has proven to be one of my #1 cheerleaders in all aspects of my business and life. I highly recommend Monique and look forward to working with her again in the future.-Eliana Baucicault, Elly B Events

"You are truly a GOD sent ANGEL!!!!  This is absolutely perfect and professional.  Thank you so much. I’m starting to feel like we’re finally putting the foundation under our dream thanks to you! Your process of clarifying the brands identity is fabulous.  In addition, the marketing plan created will allow for duplication in the future, plus your help actually executing the plan was exactly what we needed What I liked most about working with Monique Melton is her beautiful spirit!!!" — Erin Lewis, Gals Lead

"Our experience was great! We are very happy with the growth we had personally and in our business :)I personally appreciated how insightful Monique was. For having never met in person, it was quite remarkable how deep things went and how much understanding we gained, via phone calls only. Honestly, we came out of our program feeling great. We chose Monique because she (#1) gave us a chance and spoke with us openly without judgment and (#2) during that first discovery call, it was very quickly apparent that Monique was exactly who we needed. She was wonderful to talk to and we had no second thoughts and knew immediately after hanging up that she was who we wanted to work with. We really appreciate your time Monique. Thank you for all your guidance!" — Jessica Wagner, Pember

"My favorite part of working with Monique was brainstorming together and her careful , thoughtful, insightful questions which helped me help myself and also to take notes that will continue to help me as I grow.  What I liked most about working with Monique was Everything. Really. I liked that we wound up spacing it out longer than weekly because what I wanted to be changed as I worked with Monique. I like that she could keep the focus on the lesson. I like the written homework to some parts of it don't quite seem to fit what I do - the work is still provocative and in trying to figure if there is a fit led me to new insights on my work and work on how I could make it fit.  I was pretty much done with ever using a coach again until I ran into Monique and a 1 on 1 with her sparked the idea that maybe, just maybe, I had at last found someone who understood partnership coaching. You have to understand that I have tried several other BIG $ coaches over the past decade and fired them all.  So glad we did this together! Thank you!"  Tammy Vitale, Exit by the Bay Real Estate Agent 


"She kicks my mental butt every time I talk to her, and I love it. If you are in business I recommend getting hooked up with this woman!" Carol Lara

"Monique really gets to know you and your business. She genuinely cares about helping you and your business. She dives and deep and pulls out things in you that you didn't even know and really gets the creative part of running a business.  What I liked most about working with Monique is that I felt I not only had a coach but someone in my corner. Being a boss can be hard and having someone to support you when you doubt yourself is huge."  Amy Thompson, Lola Belle Co. 

Contact me today to save your spot