The Esther 4:14 Community is for women who know they are called for such a time as this.  A time to embrace what matters most by committing to your personal growth & building relationships in business & in life. 

About the founder of this community 

People ask me why did I name this community“Esther 4:14” and why did I create it.

My answer is this. Esther is my big sister. And what a great inspiration she is. She risked her life to save her people; to do the work she was called to do. What a great example of courage, obedience, and humility. The scripture Esther 4:14 references her being called for such a time as this.

That she was perhaps made a queen for such a time as this. And I think this message is so relevant today. I believe that is so important for us as women to recognize that the position, the experiences, the life that we have are not our own and that God has allowed for us to be where we are, to use us to do His work. The platform, the influence, the community that you’re building all of that; you’ve been put in this place as a leader, encourager, business owner, woman of influence for such a time as this.

A time to be a light in this world. To serve and support others well. To shine the love of God everywhere you go and to be the hands and feet of Jesus. To take action on the personal convictions and calling that God has placed over your life. The time is now, sis!

I created this community to let you know that you can be loved, supported, encouraged and cared for in this journey and that you are not alone.
That you don’t have to listen to the voice of fear or doubt, but that you can have the courage, confidence, and clarity to do the work God is calling you to do. I created this to encourage you to build strong & healthy relationships, because relationships matter.

I created this community to offer you the support and guidance in building a strong legacy in business & in life.

What the Esther 4:14 Community Values most

We value relationships, with God, self, and others. Because relationships matter

We value personal growth because you can only go as far as you allow yourself to grow.

We value growing in your business & staying in your genius zone

We value community because we shine brighter together.

Who is this Community for

This community is for you, women who are ready to embrace what matters most. 

Join the Esther 4:14 community if you desire to be supported and to support other women in embracing what matters most. 

What to Expect When You Join

The Online Community 

By joining the community you’ll have a chance to join the Facebook group and be involved in what we’re all about: connection. There's daily post to encourage conversation and live videos too.

In the community we focus on connection, so be sure to take advantage of the following free connection opportunities.

Monthly Online Meetups

The monthly online meetups are a way for us to connect in a small group setting to strengthen and build relationships. The focus of this is to provide another level of connection that goes beyond words on the screen but still allows you to be in the comfort of your own home or office. Each month, the goal is to have a guest speaker to share on a specific topic related to personal growth and relationships in business & in life. The format allows for you to learn and connect with the speaker and attendees, asks questions and engage. It's like a networking meeting expect it's online....and more fun. Plus, it's free.

This Month's Online Meetup Info
Date: October 9th
Time: 12PM-1PM EDT
Location: Online (when you register, you will receive the meeting access info) This online event is completely free
 The topic:  5 steps to overcoming perfectionism
 How to register: Join the Esther 4:14 Community and you will receive an invitation to register for the event. Already a member, then you receive an email invitation in the weekly emails. If not, please contact me at hello@moniquemelton to request to register.

More things to come to the community, so be sure to join us and be a part of this great place!