You're called to do great things. 

And you have many responsibilities and roles to fulfill while you do the work you're called to do.  And all of this work can feel overwhelming.  And in the overwhelm and pressure of trying to "balance" it all, you find yourself struggling with your relationships. You find yourself feeling like you're not fully connected and giving your best.

Yet life is about relationships. The relationship with God, yourself and with others, especially your marriage.

The truth is relationships take a lot of intentional work. Relationships matter, the one with God, yourself and with others.  

That's why I'm here to support you in doing the work you're called to do while also maintaining healthy relationships in your life, especially with your spouse. 

Who is relationship coaching for

Relationship coaching  is for women who know they are called for such a time as this. They know they are called to do great things, but they don't want their relationships to suffer in the pursuit of doing the work they're called to do. It is for women who want to work on being who God is calling them to be in their business as well as in their marriage.

With relationship coaching, I'm inviting you to work with me as I strive to help you do the work you're called to do while maintain a strong & healthy marriage.

How I work with women

  • Clarity, Vision & Focus;  We explore the work you're called to do, create a vision for growth, and develop a clear plan for taking next steps, while understanding the impact of it all on the relationships in your life. The goal is to help you have thorough clarity, big vision and laser focus on the work you're called do to and how to do it with joy, abundance and great impact.
  • Embracing authenticity: We explore and discover who you are, what you want and the purpose for your life; so you have more confidence in who God has created you to be and can do the work you're called to do. We dig deep to uncover barriers and inner road blocks that may be holding you back.
  • Building, healing & nurturing healthy relationships: We focus on healthy communication, creating boundaries, understanding what you want/give in your marriage and explore healthy strategies for building, healing and nurturing a healthy marriage.  Learn more about this here. 

My experience with Monique was very encouraging. I felt very understood and cared for, comforted, and pushed to be better.Monique Melton can help you gain a lot of clarity and help you make a strategy for the future.  You definitely need to call Monique. It will change your life. I cannot even describe the ways my business and life and heart have changed in the six weeks we've been talking. Like for real. Life-changing. ~ Rachel LeBeau