You're called to do great things. 

And with great things, comes great responsibility. There's much to do and you're trying to balance it all.  But the pressure to keep up with all the things is weighing on you, and you're incredibly overwhelmed and stressed out. 

You're working around the clock, and you feel extremely guilty for not spending as much as time as you'd like with the ones you love. 

Because you're running and being pulled in so many different directions.

There's simply too much on your plate, yet you can't seem to figure out what has to go, because everything feels important.

You don't want to feel like you have to choose between your business and your family, but you know that you can't keep running at this pace.

Something has to change. 

Something has to give, something has to change and it has to change now, because you're about to lose your cool (again).  

That's why I'm here to support you.

I personally know how stressful it is to run a business while also building a strong family. But I know it's possible and can be done without feeling like you're doing great in one area while totally failing in another.  

You can do the great things you're called to do and be the great things you're called to be AND have strong & healthy relationships. And I want to support you in doing just that. 

Who is relationship coaching for

Relationship coaching is for women that feel overwhelmed by all the tasks and responsibilities they have to manage everyday and want a better way to go about managing their everyday lives. It's for women who know they are called to do great things in this world with their business, but they don't want their relationships to suffer in the pursuit of doing the work they're called to do. 

With relationship coaching, I'm inviting you to work with me as I strive to help you create systems and routines for your everyday life so you can spend more time with the ones you love. Because life is about relationships; why not spend more time enjoying them. 

My experience with Monique was very encouraging. I felt very understood and cared for, comforted, and pushed to be better.Monique Melton can help you gain a lot of clarity and help you make a strategy for the future.  You definitely need to call Monique. It will change your life. I cannot even describe the ways my business and life and heart have changed in the six weeks we've been talking. Like for real. Life-changing. ~ Rachel LeBeau